Hello  !! My name  is JoDeen  and welcome to  my new  book  blog that is titled  JOJO THE BOOKAHOLIC which really  tells you  who  I am  in a nutshell a 22 year old woman who is obsessed with  reading  , buying & collecting books .  I am very excited to  finally start this blog where I get  to talk  about one of my most  favorite things ever books.  I read books from all types of genres but  my  favorite genres are definitely fantasy & romance  . I could  literally go on for hours about  my favorite  books  , books I wanna  read   and there  is a lot  trust  me  my  TBR  (to be read) pile is HUGE .....okay  let  me stop  before I start to  ramble lol . I wanna keep this short  and sweet  so I am going  end this by saying  I  will  official  start  posting   January  1st 2016  .I  have so much  great  ideas !!! I hope you will  come on  this new book blogging adventure with me !!!

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