Audio Book Review - Taken By Lisa Lace

A SciFi Alien Mail Order Bride Romance

What happens when TerraMates runs out of applicants? 

There's never a shortage of wealthy alien bachelors looking for the thrill of mating with a human. They want our women. 

But despite the promise of riches, sometimes the pool of available brides runs dry. 

How does TerraMates find more girls, and where do they go? 

When Lyzette gets taken off the street, she finds out

After reading the first Terra Mates novel I was very eager to get  my  hands on the next book in the   series. When I got the chance to read Taken I was so excited and I  dived into this story as soon as I could. I have to say this book was a lot darker and dealt with a lot of heavier topics , with that being said this book hooked me in just like the first one did ,once I started Taken I could not put it down.

In the this book we follow Lyzette  who is  get  taken off the street and sold into slavery, the person who buys her end up being Mikael who is the leader of the planet and this is  really where this  story  takes off . On this  planet slavery  is  legal so it was really eye opening  to see how it all worked in the world . Mikael and Lyzette relationships is  a very different one ,when I found out that  Mikeal was  Lyzette's master and she was his slave I was   nervous about how I would react to this relationship but after  listening to this I really like the way Lisa Lace wrote this romance .MiKael  treats his slaves well  compared to other people we meet in the book but when it came  to Lyzette it was different, while he technically owned her  he did not treat  her in that way , the love story in this book was perfect for these characters , I am going to admit  I was very worried about there relationship because while Mikael and Lyzette where falling in love with each other she was still his slave  and there were so many  obstacle in there  way. These two went through so much in this novel and by the  end of this story I was  so glad that they both got the ending that they both deserved. 

Taken was  dark ,sexy ,  thrilling and addictive .I am so happy  that  I  got  to listen to the audio book, the narrator did an excellent job . I am very excited to get my hands on the next Terra Mates novel  .If you love all these things in your books you should  definitely pick up copy .

4.5 /5 STARS


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