Book Review - One More Kiss By Samantha Chase


Matt Reed was living the dream until a bad career move sends him back to his hometown for much-needed privacy. Instead, he finds someone he never expected: the woman whose steamy kiss he remembers like it was yesterday.

Vivienne Forrester finally has her life in order... until Matt moves back to town. She doesn't want to think about the time she threw caution to the wind with him, but running into him everywhere, it's impossible not to


I am a huge  fan of Samantha Chase books so when I  heard about this new series ,  Band on the Run I was so excited  and I read One More Kiss as soon as I could and I loved it! 

In this book we follow Matt and Vivienne, these two shared a kiss with each other  years ago however  Matt does not remember the kiss . So  flash forward to the present Matt has found him self in sticky situation which causes him to have to travel back to North Carolina where he grew up , where he happens to  hiding out at  his  best  friends house and his best  friend sister is Vivienne  and while Vivienne brother is away in London ,Matt and Vivienne  are staying at the same home  and the attraction between them is undeniable. I loved the romance in this book , It was sweet  , sexy and fun. the closer these two  got was the more invested I was in there relationship.  Samantha chase  creates such wonderful  romance in every  one of her book  and this one did not  disappoint .I also love how  both characters   started to tackle some of there personal demons, it made me so happy to see that .There was so much going on this  book , there was never a dull moment .I loved how this  story linked with the shaughnessy family and how we got a sneak peak into what is going in those family members lives ,I loved that family lol . This story was wonderful ,with a sexy romance , characters that I just adored and the  beautiful  setting Samantha chase creates another  fantastic story with One more Kiss.

One More Kiss was sweet , sexy contemporary romance that left  with me the biggest  grin on my face .I am so excited to pick up  her next book!. If you love all theses things In your books I suggest you get a copy.



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