Audio Book Review - Auctioned To The Alpha By Lisa Lace

The innovative TerraMates business has been a runaway success. Who wouldn't want to marry an alien? 

Seeking to expand, TerraMates has opened new locations with different business models. 

Eden is looking for a fresh start and is one of the first mail-order brides from New York City. As soon as she signs the paperwork and collects her credits, she blacks out. 

When Eden wakes up, she's been married to an alien bounty hunter. She's ready for a new beginning, but all she knows about her alien husband is that he's handsome and dangerous. 

This story takes place in the TerraMates universe, but can be read as a standalone novel.

Iam a huge fan of  Lisa Lace books, they are such sexy  thrilling science fiction reads, so when I got the chance to listen to  Auctioned to the  Alpha.  I  was so excited and I dived into this story the minute I could and it was such a fantastic book . I start every Lisa Lace book not knowing excactly  to expect. With this book I think this is  the very first time I read  that  Terramates, the  company was actually shown in a negative  light  because of usually its pretty neutral. We start off with  Eden going to the company  after being   fired a  work , however what  ends up happeing  is  that she is  kidnap  and married  off to  her new Alien husband Jori and this  is really  where the story takes off. At first these two really  dont get  along  and that is understandable  seeing the  cirmcumstances , however as these two  become closer and closer  things chance . I loved the  romance  in this  book I thought was sexy , thrilling and  fun and I just   loved it . Besides the romance there were so  many things going  on this book . Being on the adventure  with these characters was just  so much  fun and I loved how you could never predict what would happen I was just constantly kept on the  edge of my  seat and the way the narrator told this story heightened every emotion I was feeling and I  had me hooked into the book . I loved this book and I was just so  sad to see it end but at the same time Iam so excited to get my hands on the next terramates book. If you love  all these things in your books  you should  definately pic up this book as soon you can . 




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