Paperless Post

I was so honored to partner with  The Paperless Post. I love stationery , so having access to  Paperless post was like letting me into a cyber stationary amusement park. I want to talk to you all about something I honestly enjoyed about this site.

  1.  The Designs - They are all so bright and colorful
  2. The Prices - really affordable
  3. The Versatility - There are so many  things that  you can do  on  this site  so I wanted to show  some ways that I used it 

Sending out Congratulations cards - On my blog I do giveaways a lot and to me its a really nice touch when you are able to send cards out its adds a really personal touch. Let me show  you an example

Making Invites or Welcome signs for my blog page  - I love how you can use  site and create your own little welcome sign to people who you want to welcome on your page . Paperless post has so many  fun creative  cards and invites that you can use for that purpose

This site is so much fun and I'm not even finish playing around with it . I highly recommend  Paperless post it fun, cool ,affordable and very adaptable.  Iam so excited to try other things  on this   site !


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