Book Review - Yours Truly By Krista Lakes

Only one woman's foot will fit this size 11 1/2 glass slipper... 

AJ Jacobson: 
Billionaire CEO AJ wants nothing more than to just get away from his busy life. So when he goes to an employee's wedding and meets a beautiful girl, he feels like he can lose himself to her. Despite an intense night of passion, he wakes up in an empty bed. The only clue he has to find his Cinderella? A glass slipper and two handwritten lines on a note, fished out of a dumpster and almost unreadable... 

Kat Ryder: 
When responsible Kat lets her hair down for one night, she meets a gorgeous stranger who really likes the new her. After an enchanting evening together, Kat gets an early morning call into work by a panicked boss. Knowing that she must see him again, she leaves a letter for the sleeping hunk and signs it, "Yours Truly, Kat,” not realizing that's the only part of the note that will survive. However, there are other consequences to her night of fun, especially when she finally meets up with her one-night-stand... 

What if AJ is actually her company's CEO? 


The Minute I heard  about Yours Truly  I was so  excited !! after reading other books by Krista Lakes I know I was in for a wonderful story and I was not disappointed  Yours Truly  was a fantastic read ! .

In this book we  Follow and  Kat and AJ  and omg did  I loved these two  together . They were so  so  so cute together, from there very first  interaction  I was like okay  you  two  are absolutely  perfect  for each other  !! . When I found  out  that   A J  was the CEO at the  company for and the company Kat works for  and that there was some troubles the company was into  due to the behavior of one of the people that used to work there  I was a little worried  about Kat and AJ relationship. However everything was dealt  with  in best  way it possibly could be in this book . I loved the romance between  Kat and AJ, every sweet , sexy and swoon worthy moment between  these two  left  a permanent  grin on my  face . I was  so  happy with  where we left  Kat and AJ at the end of this book. Krista  Lakes has created such a  wonderful  fluffy  contemporary  romance with Your truly !.

Yours Truly was  a sexy , sweet , romantic and  gave  wonderful  happily ever after ending that  left me  with such a happy  feeling .I look forward to seeing what  Krista Lakes writes next. If you  love your  books with all of these  things  I suggest  you pick up  a copy .

4.5 /5 STARS


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