Interview with A.J. NUEST

Iam So Excited to be doing this  post  ! I  got  a chance to  Interview  AJ Nuest  Author of the of books such as  Golden Key Chronicles , The Golden Key legacy,  and She's Got Dibs.I hope you enjoy .


Multi-published award-winning author and editor, AJ Nuest, 
resides in Northwest Indiana with her loving husband, two 
beautiful children and a bevy of spoiled pets. She and the cat are 
currently vying for dictatorship. The cat is winning.



1    Hi Aj  Thanks so much of answering these question the first thing i want to start out asking is how did you  come up with the idea for the Golden Key Chronicles ?
It is my utmost pleasure to be visiting with you today, JoDeen! Thank YOU for hosting me at your lovely blog! You know...I’m not really sure where I came up with the idea for The Golden Key. I’ve always been a bit of a panster, and I’m a huge fantasy romance reader by nature so, one day, I just decided it was time to try my hand at the genre. I had always wanted to write a fantasy and I had a general idea for the story, but honestly once I sat down at my laptop, the characters did most of the work. They told me what happened and I just sorta took dictation. It’s awesome when that happens. The book comes so fast and is such fun to write!

2    Can you  take us through  what your daily  writing process is?
It’s really pretty boring. LOL When I first get up, I check emails and post announcements to my street team while drinking medically dangerous amounts of coffee. Once the kids are up and I get them off to school...and hubs leaves for work...I sit down and write until about noon. Then I usually check emails again, shower and dress for the day. If I’m lucky, I can sometimes get in another hour or two of writing before I have to leave to pick up the kids, but that’s rare. My husband and I run a business from our home so, many days, I have to deal with business issues and return calls before leaving the house. Then it’s mom duty until bed, followed by another check of emails and handling any promotional issues.
3.  The Mythology  in this book is fascinating in my opinion ( Iam  huge mythology nerd lol) what was it like  creating it . Did you pull  any inspiration from any popular myths?
LOL! I love that you asked me this question!!!! I am a HUGE mythology nerd too...and once I’d completed all four books in the series, I thought it might be fun to delve a little deeper into the religious background  of the Austiere Kingdom...aaaaand that’s where things got tricky. You see, I’d already completed the first set of four novellas, so I had all these hints I knew I had to use in the mythology. The way Caedmon curses, for example. The way he references how Helios has no heart and that Selene is the moon goddess. So, in essence, I had to work backward. Take all those elements and come up with a story that would incorporate all the details I’d used in the original series. And I have to tell you, I was KICKING MYSELF for creating NINE GODDESSES! NINE? *repeated head desk* What the heck was I thinking??? So, I sat down and came up with a story that identified each goddess, as well as the love story between Helios and Selene, and how their union played a part in the creation of Caedmon’s world. At the time my daughter was eight or nine, I think? And one night I was helping her wash her hair and I thought it might be fun to tell her the story – G-rated version – just to see what she thought of my little fairy tale. Well, she made me tell her that story every night for months! No kidding. She fell so in love with it, I knew I had a winner. To this day, we refer to the sun as Helios and the moon as Selene. LOL

4.   Rowena is a kick ass strong female  heroine  , there have been   many  debates about what makes female characters  strong and what  doesn't  , what in your opinion signifies strength in female fictional  characters ?,  and can you tell us some of your favorite fictional  female heroine ? 
To me, there are several things that make a “strong” heroine, but I think the most important quality is self-confidence.  A belief that what she is doing is right and the determination to see her goals through regardless of the obstacles thrown in her path. I know this may sound strange coming from a married woman with two kids but, to me, there is really nothing sexier than a woman who knows her own mind. They just exude this poise and aura of assurance that is magnetic. Like, everyone wants to be them – or at least, I do – regardless of their size or age or whether or not their hair looks perfect.
Some of my favorite strong heroines are Jacqueline Carey’s Phedre in her Kushiel’s Legacy series. Kahlan Amnel in Terry Goodkind’s Sword of the Truth Series also comes to mind and so does Dagny Taggart in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.   

5   This Book is a lovely  mixture of  fantasy / time travel and romance  can you  share some  of your  favorite  books  , movies   and  tv shows  in these genres ? 
I sure can! For fans of fantasy I HIGHLY recommend Patrick Rothfuss’ King Killer Chronicles – it’s completely and totally brilliant.  If you like your fantasy super steamy, check out Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Legacy Series. Holy hotness!!! Anne McCaffrey is one of my favorite authors and her Dragon Riders of Pern is an epic read.  

6.   What is up next  for you writing wise ?
Ooooooh! I’m so glad you asked!!! LOL I’m writing a super fun romantic suspense series that is in the process of being contracted right now!!! Whoo Hoo! So exciting!!! I had this story idea floating around in my head for YEARS and finally had the chance to write it, and I fell so in love with the characters and sub-cast, I decided to turn it into a series. Right now, there are only three books planned, but I wouldn’t be surprised if more are contracted in the future. I’m also working on a side project I plan to self-publish which is a little more of an inspirational chick lit, and then at some point I plan to write another set of novellas under the Golden Key name. I keep getting emails to continue writing that world...especially since I left one of the main characters in sort of a pickle. I gotta go rescue that poor prince at some point and give him a HEA. LOL

Character  Questions 
1.   Hi Caedmon  & Rowena  how  are you ? how are things around the castle?
Caedmon bows at the waist, gathering JoDeen’s hand for a soft kiss :  ‘Tis a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Lady JoDeen. Allow me to express the undying gratitude of this King and Queen for the honor of visiting with you.
Rowena elbows him in the side before taking a seat at the table : Caedmon, stop it. You’re making the poor girl blush.
A husky chuckle murmurs in his chest as he claims a chair, tossing a wink at Jolene.
 Rowena:  We’re doing wonderful, thank you for asking. Everyone at the castle is very excited about the impending birth of an Austiere heir.

Have you decided what you’re naming the baby yet ?
Caedmon and Rowena exchange a smile and she rubs a hand over her protruding belly:  Wesleigh, after Caedmon’s father if it’s a boy. Faedrah Isadora after his mother if we are blessed with a baby girl. 

2.   What is your favorite place in the castle (besides your bedchambers lmao )
A pretty blush tints Rowena’s cheeks as she glances at Caedmon, and he smirks before linking his fingers with hers: I much prefer the out of doors to the confines of the castle. The White Queen and I generally spend some time each morning touring the forest and that is my most treasured spot.

3.   If there was one gift you could give each other what would it be ?
Rowena’s brow rises. Well, Caedmon’s already given me the gift of my memories—

He clears his throat. Which you promptly returned.

Turning her head, she levels him with a withering glare.

And that is all I shall ever ask of you, my lady. He smiles. For with your dissent, I was given the gift of your heart.

Get to know more about  A J  Questions

1.   Favorite season ? Fall! Definitely Fall. I love sweater weather. And that’s when I can get my hands on loads and loads of fresh fruits and vegetables.

2.   Top  5 favorite  book boyfriends.?  Oh Lord. I have to pick just five? Okay, um. Broderick MacDougal from Arial Burnz’s Bonded by Blood Vampire Chronicles. Creighton Matteson from Vonnie Davis’ A Highlander’s Obsession. Kevin “Tuck” Tucker from Mackenzie Crowne’s To Win Her Trust (altho...Max Grayson in To Win Her Heart gives Tuck a serious run for his money), Jackson Granger from Kelly Moran’s Ghost of a Promise, and Caedmon from The Golden Key Chronicles. Sorry. I love that dude. LOL  

  IF you  could travel to one time period what would it be ? Probably the Renaissance. I am in love with that time period.

4    What are your reading right now  ? I just finished reading Sarah Grimm’s latest rock star romance WRECKED...and that’s exactly how it left me. Completely and totally wrecked. That book is brilliant. A must read!!!

5    If you  could invite   5   people  living   , dead  or fictional  to dinner who would they  be ? You know...I’d probably invite my author pals. God, I would so love for all of us to be in the same room together for dinner. It would be such a blast – Arial Burnz, Mackenzie Crowne, Kelly Moran, Sarah Grimm and Vonnie Davis would start the list, but I would probably add many more before the night was over. LOL These ladies are massively important to me. They are my dear, dear friends, my support system, my go-to business advisors and my critique partners. There would be nothing better than to spend the night with them, drinking wine and talking stories.

6    Anything else you like to  add  ? Just my utmost thanks for inviting me to your page! Thank you so much, JoDeen!!!


  1. Whoo Hoo! Thank you so much for featuring me today!!! It was an absolute blast to be interviewed!!! xo

  2. What a great interview!!! Love the questions you asked, JoDeen and, as always, I love your jovial spirit, AJ! Nicely done, ladies!

  3. Awesome interview, JoJo and AJ. I need my hair brushed so you can tell me all the mythology stuff, too...

  4. Fun interview, JoDeen, and an awesome subject in AJ. Like her daughter, I beg AJ to tell me stories all the time, then twirl my hair and sigh as I read the results. :-)

  5. What a wonderful interview, JoDeen!
    AJ - Love you, hun! Mwah!


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