Book Review - Alien Prince's Mate By Lisa Lace

Ever since the virus took our women, we've been searching.

Searching for their magical gift to create new life.
Searching for the fire in their eyes when they scream our names in the heat of passion.

So when I find Priya, a curvy, dark-eyed human stowaway, there’s only one thing on my mind. Do I care if I’m royalty and she’s a fugitive? Do I care if mating with her could risk everything?

Of course not.

The only thing I care about is caressing her delicious curves, opening her legs, and knowing the sweet, wet pleasure inside her. I couldn’t resist her pull even if I wanted to.

I’ll protect her from everyone, even my own people, even from the pirates trying to board our ship. I’ll protect her until my dying breath.

Bonding with her is forbidden. She's going to be my mate.

 Iam a  huge fan of Lisa Lace books so when I heard about  Alien Prince's Mate I was so  excited . When ever I start a Lisa Lace book I  know I am in store for a swoon worthy ,sexy romance and a plot that will have me  at the  edge of my seat while I am  travelling  along  with these characters on there adventure  and this book delivered all of that and so much more , It was such a fantastic read .
In this book we follow  Allex and Priya.  Allex's ship has been taken over by Space Pirates and this is  how Allex and Priya really  meet  in the beginning of the story . Priya is a stowaway  on   the ship which makes her a  fugitive and   Allex is royalty  so you can just  imagine how there first  interactions  went  lol , I love  them together ! in a lot of ways  they clicked almost  immediately ,so seeing them  fall in love over the course of  this book  was just  amazing . It was so clear how devoted  these two  were to each other , even  when they had   there conflicts and I was  worrying about them , they always found there way  back to each other . The  romance in this book  was sexy  and swoon worthy , there  were  so   many scenes  between these two  that I loved  , I felt that  Allex and Priya got a perfect  love story and my only problem is I wish I got to spend more time with lol . Besides the romance there  were just so many other things I enjoyed about  this book. I loved that  we got to spend time with  Allex's Family  and that we got to  learn so  much  about the  Auxen. Alien Princes Mate was a sexy  addicting science fiction romance and if you love all these things in your books  you  should  defiantly  get  a copy of this book as soon as you can .

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