The Red By Tiffany Reisz is Out !!!

Title: The Red
Subtitle: An Erotic Fantasy
Author: Tiffany Reisz     
Publisher: 8th Circle Press (eBook and Trade Paperback) 
• Tantor Audio (Audiobook CD and Download)
On-Sale Date: July 11, 2017 (Worldwide)    
Genre: Erotica/Paranormal Erotica
Page Count: 248 pages

Never make a promise you don’t intend to keep…
Mona Lisa St. James made a deathbed promise that she would do anything to save her mother's art gallery. Unfortunately, not only is The Red painted red, but it's in the red.
Just as she realizes she has no choice but to sell it, a mysterious man comes in after closing time and makes her an offer: He will save The Red if she agrees to submit to him for the period of one year.
The man is handsome, English, and terribly tempting...but surely her mother didn't mean for Mona to sell herself to a stranger. Then again, she did promise to do anything to save The Red...
The Red is a standalone novel of erotic fantasy from Tiffany Reisz, international bestselling author of The Bourbon Thief and the Original Sinners series.


I don't think I have ever read a book quiet like The Red.In this book, we follow Mona who  is desperately trying to save her mother's art gallery that is called The Red or Red, out of now where  this mysterious man comes to the gallery and  who  offers her a way  to save to  the gallery however  it  has a very  erotic cost and this is really where  the  book takes off. I have to say that The Red has to be one of the most erotic books I have ever read and at the same time it has such a  uniqueness about it.I was very serious when I  said I have never read another book like this one, up until the very  last part of this book  I was kept on my toes wondering what would happen next and who exactly was this mystery man. I also loved the way that  art was incorporated in this book, it definately   added something to this story. Even after finish this book for quite  some time I still  can't stop thinking about it. This story was sexy ( this  is wrong  way to say it ,its more like   red hot sexy ( see what I did there lol )   , the type of  hot that will have you wondering if it may just make your Kindle over heat as well lol ) , it has this  mysterious feeling to it  constantly , I was always thinking to myself nothing is truly what it  seemed and of course the unique  paranormal twist that I did  not  see coming  was just WOW !  . The Red is smoking hot erotica , with dark humour and addicting nature that had my eyes unable to leave the page and if you love all these things in your books you should  definitely  pick up a copy  as soon as possible .


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Describe The Red in 5 words.

Slightly demented, yet happy, erotica.

If you could become one of your characters for one day, who would it be and what would you do?

I think Griffin would be the most fun character to be for a day. He’s got Michael to play with and love, tons of money, a great body, and he’s one of those truly happy people who turns any day into a party.

If you could have a dinner with any 5 persons (fictional, alive, or dead), who would they be?
Jesus. Saint Paul. Jane Austen. Madeline L’Engle. G.K. Chesterton.

Can you tell us one random fact about Mona Lisa St James?

She inherited a bed from her mother, so she lost her virginity in the same bed she was conceived in.

What are you working on now, book-wise?

A new spooky book set in Kentucky, sort of like The Bourbon Thief and yet nothing like The Bourbon Thief.

Praise for The Red: An Erotic Fantasy:
"Deliciously deviant... Akin to Anne Rice's 'Beauty' series." — Library Journal (Starred Review)
"Kinky, well-written, hot as hell." — Little Red Reading Hood
"Tiffany Reisz at her best." — Collector of Book Boyfriends
"Wonderfully erotic and passionate." — Crazies R Us Book Blog
"Don't expect lovey, dovey romance here. It's pure filthy erotica - just the way I like it." — Warhawke's Vault
"This book needs to come with a fan, it's so beyond HOT!!!" — Beauty and the Beastly Books
"You can't quite believe what you're reading." — Lil Maso
"Not your average erotic fantasy story... [Leaves] you hot one moment, then raw the next." — Texas Reader Stacy
"Filthy." — Blogger Vivien Olvasókuckója
"I tossed sleep aside to finish it in a night... This book is worth it."— No Pithy Phrase
"No holds barred." — Sarah Tandy, A Woman and Her Books
"Raw, graphic, hardcore sexual fantasy that defies the realm of reality... I'll never look at a piece of artwork the same way again..." — Cross My Heart Book Reviews
"A lovely bit of literary smut, full of art and sex and mystery." — RITA Finalist Kira Gold
"Mysterious, scandalous, strange, and weirdly arousing."— (un)Conventional Bookviews
"Unlike anything I've ever read before." — A Reader Who Reads Blog


About Tiffany Reisz
Tiffany Reisz is the international bestselling author of the Original Sinners series for Mira Books and Mills & Boon, including the RT Book Reviews Best Erotic Romance 2012 winner The Siren and the LAMBDA Literary Award-winning The King. Her novel The Saint won the Romance Writers of America RITA® for best Erotic Romance in 2015.
Follow Tiffany on Social Media: Facebook • Twitter • Instagram
About 8th Circle Press
8th Circle Press is a Lexington, Kentucky-based publisher of literary friction. For more information, visit our website at


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