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RECKONING by Shana Figueroa (July 11, 2017; Forever Yours eBook; $4.99; Valentine Shepherd Book 3)

Hell hath no fury like Valentine . . .

Five years. It's been five years of blissful peace for private eye Valentine Shepherd and her hot-ass husband, Max Carressa. Five years of watching their twins grow up healthy and happy, even as Val waits for Hell to unleash its fury. Her enemies have been planning, and Val knows she doesn't have nearly enough weapons to protect her family . . .

Yet Val and Max have one advantage---their insatiable desire for each other allows them to see into the future, and the visions they share may just give them a chance. But as events are set into motion that endanger everyone Val's ever loved, she'll do whatever it takes to stop the horror she's already seen---even if it means her end.


I was so  excited when I got the chance to read  Reckoning early . I dived into this book as soon as could and OMG it was so good !!.  In the book we  pick up again with  Val and Max and   their twins  , they  have lived 5 years in peace  and at the  same   time on edge  waiting for  someone  to strike  , so the  minute  that  things   do start happening  is when things  start to really  start to pick up in this story . I love  Val and Max the  connection they  have is  so  fascinating, just seeing how there abilities work together is so  amazing. It has been a while since I have read  a book with  a married couple and Its  always   interesting to  read about these two lol ,  we got to see  Val and Max  go through a lot of  difficult  situations   and this took  a strain  on   their  relationship, there were  times that I was worrying about  if  they   were going to have  their happy ending in this book, however all  my  worrying  as usually  went in vain  because I  just  seemed  to  forget temporarily just  how much  Val and Max love each other, I love the  way there love story has been written . We also got to see  Stacy and I just love  how her story intertwined with this one and at same time how it brought Val and Stacy closer again as friends. Besides love story  , there was much more going on and I  just love how  Shan Figureroes wove everything together to make such a fantastic story, I  was literally at the  edge of my seat  needing to know  what would happen next  at the end of every page.  I had a bittersweet feeling finishing this book . I was sad to see the  story end  but at the same time I was happy how everything  concluded.  Reckoning  is thrilling  sexy , action-packed paranormal romance and if you love all those things in your story or you have already ready read the first  2 book in this series you should definately pick up  this book.


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Val forced herself to relax. “I need to run an errand,” she said, though it came out a little bitchier than she’d intended. She tried to tone the hostility down. “Are you…going to be okay here with them? Alone?”
Jamal nodded. “Yes, ma’am—Val—uh, ma’am.”
She took a step toward the door, then turned back. “You’ve got everything you need, right? Their nap schedules, their favorite books, their lunch and snack foods—”
“Yes, I’ve got it. I wrote it all down,” he said in a gently reassuring tone. She’d need to get used to that voice, and train herself not to mistake it for condescension.
“And it’s one snack before lunch. Don’t let them trick you into giving them an entire package of Oreos. They’re more clever than you might think.”
“Oreos on lockdown. Clear as crystal.”
“You remember all the codes for the locks and alarms on the house, right?”
“And you’ve got my number if you need anything?”
“I sure do.”
She nodded, walked to the living room’s threshold, stopped, and turned again. “Don’t let anyone in here who isn’t Max or me, no matter who they say they are. I mean it.”
Jamal smiled again—he did that a lot, maybe because he had nice teeth—though a hint of uncertainty tainted his friendly gaze. Probably wondering what the hell he’d gotten himself into. “Yes, ma’—Val. I won’t let anyone in.”
No one.”
“Got it. No one’s coming through that front door, not on my watch.”
She should’ve left then; instead, she stared at him until a bead of sweat trickled down his temple.
Simon broke the standoff. “We’ll be fine, Mommy. Go talk to the cop.”
Val softened a bit at that. If Simon knew he and his sister would be fine, then they’d be fine. As long as she didn’t inadvertently change the future, what he’d seen would come to pass. Val embraced them both in long hugs, kissing their foreheads. She thought they might cry when she left; they didn’t. They knew they’d see her again soon. Still, when Val walked to the door leading down to the carport and grasped the doorknob, she saw her hand shaking. She’d never forgive herself if something happened to her babies while she left them with an overpriced babysitter. Would they really be safe without her? They’d have to be. Max was right—she couldn’t be with them all the time. She’d have to trust other people eventually, and that time was now. God help Jamal if he screwed it up, though.
Swallowing back a lump in her throat, Val forced herself forward, away from her children, into her car, out of the house, and back into the world she’d been hiding from for over five years. Tendrils from its black underbelly would likely rise up and try to seize her again. But there was no way around it if she wanted any chance to save her mother.
Time to go see the cop.

About the Author
Shana Figueroa is a published author who specializes in romance and humor, with occasional sojourns into horror, sci-fi, and literary fiction.

She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, two young daughters, and two old pugs. She enjoys reading, writing (obviously), martial arts, video games, and SCIENCE---it's poetry in motion! By day, she serves her country in the US Air Force as an aerospace engineer. By night, she hunkers down in a corner and cranks out the crazy stories lurking in her head.

She took Toni Morrison's advice and started writing the books she wanted to read. Hopefully you'll want to read them, too!

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