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"Still is a masterpiece of love, lust and human feeling. Poetic and sexy beyond compare, Still will have you turning everything you know upside down and laughing, crying and panting through Grip and Bristol's journey. Five 'bruising' stars!"

-- Sierra Simone, USA Today Bestselling author

STILL, the sexy, emotional final installment of the GRIP series, is LIVE!

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I'll be there.
Through thick and thin.
Ride or die.
You can count on me.
The promises people make. The vows we take.
Assumptions of the heart.
Emotion tells us how we feel, but has a way of plunging us in boiling water, burning away our illusions, testing our faith, trying our convictions.
Love floating is a butterfly, but love tested is an anchor.
For Grip and Bristol,
Love started at the top of the world
On a Ferris wheel under the stars
But when that love is tested, will they fly or fall?


Where do I begin  with Still ... there are so many things  I want to say about this book . I remember when I finish  reading  Grip , I don't think I have read many books  that made me feel so much different emotions like that book  and when I heard  that there would be a sequel I was so excited and I counted down the  days until this book was  out, eagerly  anticipated ever  teaser and excerpt Kennedy Ryan would  give so I  could  just have one  more  taste of  #GRIPSTOL .When the arc  appeared on my kindle I was both  excited and nervous to open the  book , I remember just looking at it and thinking this is it JoJo the wait is over and the book is in your hands are your ready ? and the  answer was YES   I dived into this book like I was Olympic swimmer and omg it was FANTASTIC  , Still  blew me away .

We once again follow Bristol  and Grip , If you have not read  Grip   then I suggest you look away at this moment to make sure  you dont get   spoiled  ..... They are  now  couple,  together and  very much  in love  .This  book  is   genuine  and honesty,  Kennedy Ryan did not sugar coat  anything and I  loved that .We get to see Bristol and Grip  through the good times and bad times .Seeing there relationship continue to become stronger and stronger despite all the obstacles they faced just demonstrated how deep there love goes for each other. I  love  that this book tackle a lot of issues that come  along with interracial  relationships , some of these issues  in my opinion shouldn't even be issues in  this day and age but they  are  because of the world that we live in  so I thought it was  very important that   the light was  shined on them in this book .There  were so many    moments from this book that  I loved , any spare time I had to read this book  I did and I mean ANY even if  it was just for few minutes and my eyes  needed to eat   even the smallest  amount of words from this story. Still was fantastic  and honestly I dont even  think fantastic is  the word I want to use  , there is  no word I can think of that can sum up how  excellent this book  was . When I got to the last page  I had such a bittersweet feeling ,I was happy because  Grip and Bristol got such a happy ending  but sad because I wish I could spend more time with them .  If you have not read Grip the you should  go do that right  now  and If you have read  Grip and want to know if you should  read  Still the answer is YES! go get it as soon as you can .


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About Kennedy:

Kennedy Ryan.jpgKennedy Ryan is a Southern girl gone Southern California. A Top 100 Amazon Bestseller, Kennedy writes romance about remarkable women who find a way to thrive even in tough times, the love they find, and the men who cherish them. She is a wife to her lifetime lover and mother to an extraordinary son. She has always leveraged her journalism background to write for charity and non-profit organizations, but enjoys writing to raise Autism awareness most. A contributor for Modern Mom Magazine, Kennedy’s writings have appeared in Chicken Soup for the Soul, USA Today and many others. The founder and executive director of a foundation serving Georgia families living with Autism, Kennedy has appeared on Headline News, Montel Williams, NPR and other outlets as a voice for families living with autism.

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