Audio Book Review - Wrong Alien By Lisa Lace

Life isn't worth living without an Internet connection. I'm always on the computer, video chatting, and even reading books on my phone. 

It was natural for me to use the TerraMates app to find a husband. 

I didn't know they would match me with a sexy alien who was afraid of high technology. TerraMates sent me to a mysterious planet where the penalty for having a smartphone was execution! 

This story takes place in the TerraMates universe, but can be read as a standalone novel. 


Iam a huge fan of Lisa Lace  books and I have  been  listening to as many of her Audiobooks as I possibly can! They are all so engaging and will  keep your mind wrapped up  in the story even  when its done. So when I got the chance to listen to Wrong Alien I was so excited  and It did not dissapoint. Annalee and  Jesse's story has to be  one of my favourates of this series just seeing there story  develop was wonderful and I can honestly say this is  a love story I wont forget ,it was sexy  and swoonworthy and   just seeing all that they go through makes you feel like your bursting with happiness  when you see that they got there happily ever after ending that they deserved so very much . I also wanted to talk about the world , I dont think I have read about  a world quite  like Planet Yorkbrook, a world  that has chosen to live without technology due to mistakes of the past , it was fascinting reading about this world , Lisa Lace  really showed the positives and negatives of a situation like this and  found an excellent solution to problems they were having on this world . I loved Wrong Alien , this is  another excellent story by lisa lace and the narrators did an excellent job  !! omg they made this book so much more addicting ! just  by they way they were telling this story. If you are wondering if you should  pick up this audiobook up  the anwser is yes as soon as you possibly can . Iam running to go get Lisa Lace's next audiobook as soon as I type the last word of this review.



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