ARC Book Review - Renegade Dragon By Lolita Lopez


When her best friend goes missing during Spring Break, bio-engineering student Eris Jones refuses to believe Ivy is dead and follows the trail of clues to a mysterious, secluded estate.

Locked away in the lair beneath his home, dragon shifter Niko Drakon suffers terribly from a massive overdose of a synthetic drug that forces his body into the mating heat. When her sweet, alluring scent hits him, Niko's dragon overtakes him and he breaks free from his bonds.

Captured by the snarling, winged creature, Eris thinks she must be hallucinating when her touch transforms him into a human male-a dangerously sexy and highly seductive male. After one taste of Eris, Niko realizes a single week will never be enough. He wants her forever by his side and in his bed. But convincing the human to take a chance on a dragon won't be easy and suddenly Niko is faced with the hardest choice in his centuries of life.


When I first heard about this book I was thrilled, I'm a huge fan of this author so when I got the chance to read this book I did not hesitate to dive into the story .I flew through it so fast Renegade Dragon was fantastic 

 In this book we follow Eris and Niko. I think it's safe to say that these two initially don't meet under the best circumstances . Eris breaks into Niko's house because she's trying to find her best friend and everything that she has found so far  lead her  to this house , so like I said they don't meet under the best circumstances and lets just say there nothing calm about there very first interaction but something happens that changes things between them and allows them to get closer  .If I had to describe this romance in three words they would be sexy ,intoxicating and heart racing and honestly I expect no less from Lolita Lopez, she always delivers excellent romance in her books.I never felt that the romance or story was rushed in anyway and this is not a long book .I found the Dragons so cool, we learn  some very interesting facts about the them in this book ,I was never lost any points everything was clearly explained. With the a sizzling hot romance, a fantastic cast of characters and a plot that keeps you wrapped up tightly into Eris and NiKo story and did I forget to mention Dragon shifters ! Lolita Lopez create a fantastic story with Renegade Dragon. 

 Renegade dragon with a sexy ,thrilling paranormal romance.At the end of this book I felt that Eris and Niko got a perfect ending for there story . I cannot wait to see what Lolita Lopez will write next. If you like all these things in your books I suggest you get a copy of this book when   it comes out October 4, 2016 



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