Book Review - How To Catch A Thief By Adriana Hunter


The curvy single, Jenna Anderson, isn't just a sassy BBW, but as a lab geek, specializing in detecting art forgeries, she's also as smart as a whip. That is, until she loses her mind to the devilishly handsome billionaire, Riley Storm.

How can such a bad boy, flip a good girls world upside down with just the curve of his lips?

Jenna's employer suspects Riley of forgery, but why would a powerful billionaire resort to replicating Veneer art?

Riley Storm has it all: insane sex appeal, charm and power. The only thing he doesn't have is Jenna, but if you ask him, that's about to change.

Note To Readers: This is an erotic romance story featuring a BBW heroine with sass, and a gorgeous Alpha billionaire intent on making her his forever.


When I first heard about this book  I was very eager to get into the story, so the minute I got chance to read it I did and I thoroughly enjoyed it ,How To Catch a Thief was so so very good. 

 In this story we mainly follow Jenna who is trying to figure out if Riley is a guilty of a crime which is  art forgery however it becoming so much more , the romance in this book was wonderful, from the first time Riley and Jenna see each other you can see that they were attracted to each other but as we get deeper into the story attraction quickly turns into love and it was wonderful to read. During this whole story we are in Jenna's  head constantly wondering if Riley really did what he is suspected of doing . I was constantly going back and forth in my mind in the story thing okay maybe he did do it and then other time I  said to myself maybe he didn't  do it and that was exactly the type of reaction I wanted from this book . With a sexy whirlwin romance ,the beautiful setting of Italy and a plot that will keep you thoroughly entertained  this author has created a wonderful story with How to catch a thief.

 How Catch a thief was a sexy, mysterious, fun story and I can't wait to see what this author writes next .if you love all the things in your books I suggest you get a copy. 



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