Book Review- Rule Master By Sienna Snow

His rules. Her pleasure. His way. 

Italian heiress and international financier Milla Castra knows she can't avoid him forever. Irredeemably hot and controlled Lex Duncan once shared her craving for things deliciously forbidden. He was her lover. Her Master. And the husband she's kept secret from everyone.

But Lex will never relinquish what's his---and Milla is definitely his. And he knows she can't resist the exquisite pleasure that awaits in his arms. When the violence of her past threatens them both, Lex will risk everything to keep Milla safe . . . before she submits to the cruelest master imaginable, Fear

After reading Rule Breaker I was  just counting down the days  until I could read Rule Master. Every month  since  the release of Rule Breaker I would  check Forever Romance's net galley page to see if the ARC was up  lol. When I finally got a chance to read this book and it showed up on my  kindle  the meme below basically shows you how excited I was.

The minute I got the  chance the  read this  book I dived into it and I loved it !! , I loved this book so much  , I deliberately dragged out reading the  last 10 % of this book because I didn't want it to be over . In this book we  follow  Milla and  Lex and after getting  know them in Rule Breaker I was thrilled when I found out that this was there book. When I found that  these two  where married I was so shocked, I didn't  see it  coming  ,but at  the same time I was thrilled  because I loved the Idea  of these two together . Milla has just  been through a  extremely  traumatic experience , honestly when I found out  what happened I just wanted to give her the biggest  big hug ever  . In this book we  get to  see her deal with  all of what  happened and move on with her life and  of course her  relationship with Lex .I felt it was important to see her go through this  journey and I felt that Sienna Snow did an amazing  job writing this . Lex OMG Lex  , I love Lex , I am just  telling you all this from  now Lex is one of my  book boyfriends and you all cant have him lol   , he is so smart ,  devoted , intense and HOT ! lol . Watching  Lex and Milla 's story   unfold over the course of this  was just  wonderful . Its  has been a while since I have rooted  for a  couple  quite this much, I felt that love story in this book was beautiful , it was wickedly hot  , captivating  and absolutely perfect for these two characters. Besides the romance  there was so many other things I loved about this book ,I loved that  we got see all the characters from Rule Breaker  in  Rule Master ,  I love these  characters so seeing what they were up to always makes me so happy, I loved all the drama in this book and trust me there is a lot ,family drama , Russian Mob related drama  , it came together to make  this book such a fantastic read .  I was constantly either smiling , fanning my self  or  worried   for these characters while reading this book, I was constantly kept me on my toes!! and I loved that.

Rule Master was a sexy , swoon worthy , addictive  contemporary romance and  I cannot wait  to get my hands on Rule Changer .Its  been just a few days since I finished this book lol and I NEED RULE CHANGER!!! ( the meme below will show you how I feel  right now waiting lol  ) 

Rule Master is A Must Read and one of the  best book  I have read  this year. You should definitely  pick up this book  when it comes out  March 7, 2017.


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