Book Review - The Trouble With Bachelors By Caitlyn Blue

Falling for her sister's first love, how could that possibly go wrong... 

Zach Thorne is supposed to be off limits. He’s her sister’s high school boyfriend and his love life is a revolving door of women. He’s also handsome, sexy and the one guy Emma Callahan has never been able to forget. 

Now they’ve been thrown together as best man and maid of honor for her sister’s wedding and some serious sparks are flying. Zach is perfect wedding fling material until he starts to take their romance seriously. Now, Emma is left wondering: is he for real or is she about to get her heart broken? 

The trouble with bachelors is you never know.

After reading Caitlyn Blue  first  book I knew I just had to  get  my hands on her next book , so  when I heard  about The Trouble With Bachelors I was thrilled and I dived into this book as soon as I possibly  could and It was fantastic!.

In this book we follow  Zach  and Emma . Zach is Emma's sister's ex so you can  already  tell that this situation could becoming very complicated really fast .However now  Emma's  sister is  getting married ,and In the  wedding they both have  really  important roles. However  as they get  closer and closer  things between them  begin to change  . This story is not  very long   but the  amount of things  that Caitlyn blue was able to put  into this  novel  just  speaks to  how  much  of  a talented  writer she is . I loved the romance it was sexy  ,  it   fun and kept  me on my toes . I was invested in  Zach and Emma 's love story  , seriously whenever things  were not going the way I wanted them to , I would literally stomp my feet lol and that is what I  love in my books  when you care about the  characters that much  that it causes you to react like that .Caityln Blue  writes an excellent love story in this book , that was perfect for  Zach and Emma .Besides what  was going on with the romance  there where  so many other things going in the book  and  they  kept  me just as engaged in the story as the romance . I could go on  and on  about how much  I enjoyed this book . 

The Trouble With Bachelor was a sexy , fun  contemporary romance . Caitlyn Blue wrote another  amazing book and I cannot wait to get  my hands on her next one. If you love all these things in your books you should definitely get  a copy when it comes out March 21, 2017.


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