Book Review - Sinful Temptation By London Hale


She’s too sinful to resist
I escaped my hometown the second I could, only to be brought back by my late grandmother’s will. The Christian bookstore and tea shop she bequeathed to me was the perfect place to open the island’s only adult toy store. Being across the street from a church is a bonus. Even better? The new to town, hot as sin pastor I’d love nothing more than to sully. Pastor Noah may be off-limits, but that won’t stop me from tempting him.

He could lose it all if he gives in
Sin is my greatest obsession and my congregation’s biggest distraction. Harper—the owner of the aptly named adult store—is too forward, too overtly sexual for such a quiet island town, which is why I can’t keep my eyes off her. One chance encounter, one moment of surrender, and my fate is sealed. No amount of praying will absolve me of these sins.

I get so  excited whenever a London Hale book comes out so when I heard about  Sinful Temptation I was so excited to  dig into this book . These two is  what  most people  would consider  completely   opposite, with Noah  being a pastor and Harper owning a adult toy store , however as the story goes on you see how  perfect   they are together , watching them  falling in love was just  fantastic. However besides the steamy hot romance  in this book  we also  dealt  with something that typical happens in these type of situation in this book  the judgement of the  church members and I am really  glad that London hale  showed this. I think  one of my favorite moments in this book was seeing Noah defend  Harper   to all of the  people  who where being  judgmental people  ...I wanted to give him a high five . Sinful  Temptation is  sexy  addicting  swoon worthy  story and  I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book in this series  as soon a possible .I thought Noah and Harper got  the perfect story and I cannot wait to  see what London hale will write next  if you love all these  things in your books then you should  definitely  pick up  a copy on Sinful  Temptation as soon as you can.


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