8 DAYS OF BILLIONAIRES- The Billionaire Unbound By J.S.Scott

With the Release of the Billionaire Undaunted coming  up . I wanted to  do something special on my  blog so I said to my self  you know what  would be cool  if  we did a series of  post  for all  of the books in the  series that  are out  so  far   so   lets continue  with  Billionaire  Unbound book  8 in the billionaire  obsession series

Book 8 of the NY Times & USA Today bestselling The Billionaire's Obsession Series. 
Billionaire Unbound: The Billionaire's Obsession ~ Chloe

Chloe Colter is finally able to fulfill her dream of getting married after over a decade of school to become an equine vet. But her dreams of a perfect life are shattered when her fiancé becomes abusive, forcing her to finally break away from a destructive relationship. 
Life has always been simple for Gabe Walker…until the moment he kisses Chloe Colter at a New Year’s Eve party. He wants her, and he’s used to getting what he wants. Can he convince Chloe to accept a job at his horse ranch so he can see her every day and slowly watch her passion emerge as she learns to trust a man again? 

The fire between Gabe and Chloe burns hot, but can Chloe finally let go of her horrifying life before Gabe and give him a chance?, Is she strong enough to reach out and take a man who wants her, doesn’t want to change her, and who cares about her exactly as she is? or will the emotional turmoil of how Gabe makes her feel make it even harder for her to heal, and force her to walk away? 

I loved this book!! you would think  after  reading 8  books in a series things would start to  become predictable   but that is not  the case with  J .S.S cott  books   her books just continue to  get  better and better   she  is an fantastic writer .

In this book  We follow  Chloe and Gabe. I   have been shipping these  two  together since I read the  Billionaire Untamed . Chloe has been through  a lot  with  that abusive ex  that when you  hear what she went through with him what he has done to her omg  I  was just so  very happy to  see her leave him before things  could get  worse  . Gabe was the perfect  man for her I loved the romance between them  every sexy , sweet  and emotional  moment  between them was such a pleasure to  read about. The Billionaire Unbound  is another  fantastic  book by J.S.Scott   after  writing  8  books  in this series she  manages to makes every story  unique and entertaining and makes   you  so  very  excited to get your hands on the next  book .

If you  have not  the Billionaire Unbound I  suggest that  you do   buying links are  below  and if you have tell me you  favourate moments from this book.




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