BLOG TOUR - Going Down By Katherine Stevens

The plan for Cici Carrington was to steadily climb UP the corporate ladder, and hopefully do so without her skirt tucked into the back of her underpants. Unfortunately, there was no contingency plan for the aftermath of spending a night trapped in an elevator with a suit-wearing Elevator Sex God named Cole Danvers. A one…or two-time dalliance wouldn’t normally throw off the course of someone’s life…unless you find out you have to work together the next day. 

To further complicate matters, Cici’s best friend is also her Human Resources Director. She has to hide her secret from every person she knows. Her only confidant is her one-eyed cat, and his loyalty is tenuous at best. Toss in an accidental mugging, a bungled disguise, secret meetings, and unintentional arson, and Cici’s beautiful, careful plan has fallen by the wayside. 

Perhaps there aren’t any hard and fast rules in life. Sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too. Sometimes following the rules doesn’t get you ahead. 

And perhaps sometimes you can get off between floors…


When I  first  heard about this  book  I was Immediately interested   in reading it  . I  love a good  romantic comedy .So when I got the chance to read  it , I did as soon as I possible could and I was not  disappointed  Going Down By Katherine  Stevens Is fantastic !! I loved it !.

In this book   we follow Cici and  Cole  and I just  loved these two together!! from the moment  we see them meet  for the very first  time  I was sold on them ! I ship them so  so very  hard . I  loved the  romance between  them it was sweet , sexy , funny and  just a pleasure to read. I was so happy with  were we leave them at the end of this book !  Katherine  Stevens creates a fantastic story  with the setting , the wonderful cast of character, the romance  , the plot  and  probably  the most  interesting fictional cat I have ever come across lol . Going Down  is so so  Funny usually  in romantic  comedies I  may giggle a bit   but  this one made me  laugh  several time  I  wish I could  tell you  some of  my favorite  moments  but  I am not  going to  spoil It .However for any one who has   reads it   I  will give you  a hint  It involves  certain main  character  talking a bout there feelings about  cake lol that is all I will say lol .

Going Down  is a  sweet, sexy ,laugh out loud   funny  romantic comedy . I look forward to  seeing what Katherine  Stevens will write next  . If  you love  all these things your books I suggest  you pick up  a copy  .


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