Book Review - Remember When By R.C.BOLDT

The third installment of RC Boldt’s Teach Me series returns with two people who once had it all…

Over a decade ago, fourth grade teacher Tate Donnelly was attending college with the love of her life by her side. She had been certain, even then, that it was the forever kind of love. But she was proven wrong when he left her all alone to pick up the pieces of her life—and heart—when her entire world imploded. 

Former Navy SEAL Miller Vaughn once had the love of a girl he thought would be his, and be by his side forever. Unfortunately, that only lasted until after he joined the Navy. Then she vanished, never to be heard from again. Throwing himself into his training, he vowed to become the best, toughest SEAL he could be, and never let a girl get the best of him again.

Years later, a man who resembles a boy she once knew reappears in her life. A boy she had loved with her whole being. A boy who had eviscerated her heart.

Though much time has passed, Tate and Miller still feel that same “pull” they did years ago. When truths about the past are revealed, will they both be able to move on from their painful past … or are they destined for heartbreak again?

Can they remember when their love was the most important thing in their world?


I Think I can official say that  RC Boldt is on my favorite authors  list .I loved Remember When this book was just wonderful! I could not  put it  seriously  I read it one day !

In this  book  we followed  Tate and Miller.  Iam so happy that they  got there own book  because I have been wondering about these two for  sometime. All  I could think about is  why  was there  so much animosity between them  when I was reading the  previous  book in this series  and when I finally get to find out why let just tell you all  it was  worth the wait .The great things about  characters who  have  past   together is always the back story for me and the way  the R C Boldt  wrote there story was  just  so well done .You got to  see the past  and present  at the same time and  they  both  flowed  beautifully . The romance between them was wonderful, I loved seeing them reconnect with each other every sweet  , sexy and emotional moment  between these two was such a  pleasure to read . It  made me so happy to see were we leave them at the end of  this  book I literally had  such a big  smile on my face. I have probably said this in ever review for  a book in the teach me series , I loved the group  of  friends in this book the way they  tease each  other ,  have such good time together ,  how  loyal they are to  each other they  a like  a family . Between the beautiful setting , the  sexy second chance romance  and   fabulous cast of characters .R.C Boldt  has created another wonderful story  with Remember When .

Remember When is a sexy , sweet  ,romantic , funny   emotional  and heartwarming story . I cannot wait to  see what  R,C Boldt   writes  next !  this  author  stories are  just  wonderful . If you love all these things in your books  I suggest you  get  a copy of this  book.




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