Book Review - Greyson By Cali Mackay


**This is the COMPLETE serial, with parts 1 - 4. Now included is a BONUS story- Fobidden, Part 1!*** 

From NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Cali MacKay... 

From the moment Greyson sets eyes on Juno, he knows her for what she is—his fated mate. There can be no other for him, which poses its own set of problems when he finds her standing over the dead body of a bear shifter from a rival clan. With the dead man’s family seeking revenge, the only way to keep her safe is for them to get married, making her a protected member of his wolf pack—but that’s going to take a whole lot of convincing, especially when Juno looks panicked and ready to bolt. 

Juno has a massive problem and accidentally killing a man in self-defense is just the start of it. She’s still rattled after finding out about a world she never knew existed, especially when she’s hiding a huge secret of her own. Though Greyson is sexy and sweet, and she could really fall for him, sticking around just isn’t an option, since she’d only be putting him in danger. And marrying him? That’s definitely not a solution to her messed up life. 

With Juno’s life on the line, can Greyson convince her to take a chance on him, knowing he’ll not only keep her safe but make her happy or will she risk it all to keep him from the curse she has no control over?


Greyson By Cali MacKay was such an entertaining read . This book gave me everything I have come to expect from a Cali Mackay  book and so much more .This book was so good .

I loved  Greyson and  Juno  together!  there relationship  does not really  start  of  on the best footing  but as they get know each other  things  definitely  change In ways that I think  neither of them  really  expect  .The  romance between these two  was  smoking hot  but it  also was an emotional  roller coaster.  When I say Juno and Greyson have went thorough a lot in  this  book I really  mean it there sometimes I  honestly thought how  is this going to work out in good  way  for them lol  but Cali Mackay is such an wonderful  story  teller   that this story  not  only do things  work out in the best  way  possible but  you  are left   with  a big  grin on your face because no matter  what  Juno and Greyson went through in this book  they  always found  there way  back to  each other. I love the paranormal aspect of  this  book, we got to find out  more  about  the shifter world .I loved how everything  connected with  Juno  Curse I wont say anything else  because I would be spoiling the book lol , But the way  Cali Mackay connected and weaved everything together  was amazing .

Greyson By Cali Mackay was sexy  , emotional   thrilling and just  a pleasure to read I look forward to seeing  what  Cali Mackay will  write next  ! at the end of this book  you  kinda  get  a hint  of what to expect to  next and let  me tell you   I am so  excited  about it . If you love all these things  in your  books I suggest you  get  a copy .

4.5/5 STARS


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