Audio Book Review - Alpha's Enslaved Bride By Lisa Lace


Knowing the future isn't a blessing. It's a curse. Especially when you've seen your death.
I'm going to die in the arms of someone I have never seen before. He's a person I will love, but I don't know anything about him.
When TerraMates matched me with Airik, I couldn't believe it. This sexy alien could see the future, just like me. I wasn't alone anymore. I quickly found out he knows nothing about Earth or humans. I married him, but will I be safe with him?
I didn't foresee I would want to feel his hands on my body.
I've never been able to change the future before. For us to survive, I need to.


Lisa Lace is becoming my go to author  for Sci-Fi romance, so when I got  a chance to Listen to  the  Alphas Enslaved Bride I was so excited  and  I  pressed play as soon as I got the  chance and  it was just such an fantastic story , it hooked me so fast and the narrator did an amazing job .

In  this book we follow  Quinn and Airik . There is a group  called  the sons of  heavenly father , who mission in life is to  kill anything out of the norm and  Quinn happens to be a psychic . After the last encounter with them she goes to TerraMates for an opportunity to get off earth and live some where else  ,but she must be married for a year to Airik . They both  think  this is  going to be  a easy  situation , that they wont have feelings  for each other and  will get  divorces after the year . However  the minute  these two  see each other , you can  just  tell that will not be happening and this is really where the story picks . I loved the romance  in the book , it wasn't the typical type  , it  actually  showed up some common problems in marriage   , there were part of this book  where my heart broke  for these two  because  you  could  see that cared for each  other and  the  sex wasn't  the  problem , however when the  communication isn't strong it can create a big divide  and  I Ioved that Lisa Lace showed that in this book .Despite everything that was happening between them I rooted for them and I wanted to see them happy together,I was so happy  with the ending of there story honestly if I could give Lisa Lace a hug right now I would.

I also wanted to to talk about the abilities in this   book  .I thought it was so cool   that  Quinn essential ending up going to  planet  filled with psychics  after facing so much troubles on earth because of her abilities.It was amazing seeing her  use her gift to help others and in a way empower her self. I was just  fascinated with the Pre - cog division and how it worked . I think The Alpha's Enslaved Bride has to be one of  favorite books  by Lisa Lace just because of the journey it takes  you on .It was sexy , thrilling  and  filled with  all  the sci-fi elements that I  just love . I cannot wait to get my hands on Lisa Lace's next book because  her stories just continue to get  more and more amazing . if you love all these thing in your books you should definitely  pick up a copy .



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