Book Review - The DILF By London Hale


She’s the definition of trouble
For as long as I’ve known him, Brandon has always been the workaholic single dad to my best friend. But one night, one evening alone with him, makes me ache for something I never knew I wanted. Makes me aware that he’s so much more than what I thought. He isn’t just a dad—he’s a DILF. One I desperately want warming my sheets.

He can’t stop fantasizing about her
I never should have looked at Genesis the way I do, never should have seen her as more than just my daughter’s best friend. I’m too old for her, too wrong. Dating the fiery redhead with the killer curves could end my career and destroy my relationship with my daughter, but I can’t resist her siren call. One night, and I’m a man obsessed. One night, and I’ll do everything in my power to keep her.


After reading Daddy's Best Friend I could not wait to get my hands on The DILF. In this book we follow Brandon and Genesis . Brandon is the  father  of  Genesis's best friend , I know a lot of  people  will  look at that and think how is  that  going  to work  , but  In some very sexy ways  London Hale keeps reminding us that age is  really  just a number . There are some scenes in this book  that  make  just want to sit  right in front of my fan and put  my kindle inside  of a freeze just because of how  steamy it  is , but  at the  same time there is so much more to  Brandon and Genesis  than sex , these  two are perfect for  each other  and it made  me so happy to see them  get these happy ending . This book was sexy , fun  and addicting and  I am now typing this  review  as fast as I can so I read Nanny with  benefits lol. If you love all these things in your stories you should  definitely pick up a copy as soon as you can .




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