Book Review - Hacked By J.S.Scott & Cali MacKay

I wasn't the type of woman that a guy like Gavin Reid would usually notice. I was a science geek that no man really paid attention to...until a mysterious hit on my life appeared on the dark web and brought me to Gavin's attention for all the wrong reasons. Sure, he was trying to save my life, but I wasn't about to buy that he was interested in any other way except for being a good Samaritan. Rich, highly intelligent, and scorching hot men like him never looked my way.
Nevertheless, he did save me in more ways than one, and once I got to know him and his monster dog, I found out that Gavin harboured his own secret pain. He'd been haunted by his past...just like me, and even though our circumstances were different, we were also very much alike.
Thrown together by accident, I had to fight our overwhelming attraction, remind myself that it wasn't real. With my life in danger, the adrenaline was high, but once we got back to the real world, the chemistry that was burning white-hot would slowly fade away and I'd go back to my safe, ordinary life again.
Do I risk it all and tell him my secrets, or do I keep everything hidden so I can walk away from him once the threat to my life is over?
Maybe the hot, stubborn, ultra-intelligent hacker is exactly what I need in my life, but can a woman like me ever be enough for a man like Gavin?


 I loved the  first  book  in the   Dark Horse series  so  when I heard about  Hacked I was so  excited. I  was counting down the  days until release day , so to say I was excited to  get my hands on this book would be putting it  lightly . The minute I got it I dived in and  It was amazing!

In this book we follow  Gavin and  Charlie and  I just  loved these two together . They meet under some  very serious  circumstances with Gavin coming to find Charlie because of  there is a hit  out  for her on the dark web , so we get to follow these two on  the run from danger , at  the same time  trying to figure out who  set up the  hit   and  of course  dealing with the attraction that  is  brewing between them and I loved every minute of it .I am a huge fan of both J.Scott and Cali Mackay , I have not  read one book by  either of these authors that I have  not loved.  This story was fantastic , the romance was sexy , the characters had me so  invested that I had to once I again remind my  self that these where characters and not  actually  people a few times while reading lol . Every twist and turn had me at the edge of my seat  needing to  know  what  would happen next ,I could  not  stop reading this book once I started  it  , It was sexy , It was thrilling , entertaining and  delivered a happy ever  after  ending that had me filled with the swoons and happiness for two  characters who I felt  desperately  deserved it . The Dark Horse series is officially one of  favorite series of this year and I cannot wait to get my hands on  the next  book  . If you love all these things in your  stories I suggest you get  a copy  as soon as you can .


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