Book Review - Little Secret Red Hot Scandal By Cat Schield


Could this surprise pregnancy be the ultimate betrayal...or her Cinderella moment? 

Meek and mild Mia Navarro has spent her entire life in her twin's shadow. But a brief and secret affair with superstar singer/producer Nate Tucker is about to change all that. Their one night together on tour has left her pregnant and torn between her obligation to her pop-princess sister and claiming the life she longs for. But as Mia gears up to put her own needs first for once, she faces an even starker moment of reckoning: Will her pregnancy news strike the wrong chord...or be music to Nate's ears?

Little Secret, Red Hot Scandal is part of the Las Vegas Nights series.

Iam a huge fan of  Cat Schield books  so I was eagerly awaiting the release of  Little Secret , Red Hot Scandal . The minute I got the chance I dived into this book   and it was just such a fantastic read. We follow  Mia and Nate and I just loved these two together . Mia has spent  her life in her Twins sister shadow and l her twin  sister is the kind of person  who  needs things to be about her 24 /7 . I was  so happy that we got to see Mia come into her own in this book and decided  what she  wants and stand up for her self. I love  the romance in this book  it was sexy , sweet  and heartwarming. Nate and Mia have to be one of my  favorite  couples of this year . There was never a dull moment in this book between the romance and the drama with Mia and her sister , my eyes where racing to read every word .I think  Little Secrets Red Hot Scandal has to be one my favorite books by Cat Schield so  far and I cannot wait to see what she writes next . If you are looking for  a  sexy , swoon worthy , addicting  , romantic story then you should  definitely pick up this book !.



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