ARC Book Review - Wild Bells to the Wild Sky by Laurie McBain

A glorious romp through Elizabethan England and the Caribbean from beloved bestseller Laurie McBain
West Indies, 1571. Shipwrecked on an island for most of her young life, Lily Christian is rescued by the dashing sea captain, Valentine Whitelaw. On the voyage back to England, Lily falls hard for the sun-bronzed man, but her love is not returned.
Back among the glittering halls of court, Valentine tries to forget the young beauty he plucked from the Caribbean. But when he discovers innocent Lily is caught up in a treacherous plot to murder the queen, he will do everything in his power to protect Lily and save his liege. Thrust together into perilous adventure, Valentine and Lily have only each other to trust...and to love.
Praise for Laurie McBain:
"Lush and evocative."-Publishers Weekly
"Wonderfully romantic."-Romantic Times

In Wild Bells To The Wild Sky  we follow or  Main Characters Lily  Christian and  Valentine Whitelaw(also know as Valen) . This book had a  slow start   however when  we get to the  part where  valentine  rescues  Lily this is where  the wheels started to  turn in this book.

In this  book we  got  a lot of  backstory  about many  different  character and  because of that you  were able to  get  a clear picture of what was going on in this book .We also got  to  understand  are  main character Lily and Valen  a lot  better due to the attention  Laurie McBain  paid to backstory .We got to understand perfectly what  motivated   them   and  what shaped them as individual . Seeing Lily and Valen relationship evolve into what it  becomes at the end of the book was very interesting I was very happy  with were we left them at the end of this book.

When it comes to  the  time period  it was set  in I found that  Laurie Mcbain did this book justice We got to  see an in depth  look  at what life  was like in this time period  .You really become immersed in the setting. Laurie Mcbain descriptions of  each  place gave me such  a vivid  picture in my head of  what  each place we visited in the book look liked, it almost  felt like you  were there lol.

Wild Bells to the  Wild Sky  come out on  march 15,2016. If you like you books with all  the things I have described above I suggest you get  a copy.

3.5 /5 Stars


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