Interview with Molli Moran

Hello  ! So I got the chance to  Interview  Molli Moran  ( Click on the authors name if you would like to  be directed to her website) The author of   As You Turn AwayOne Song Away and her Newest  Release ( it  came out today )  As You Breathe Again (YOU SHOULD ALL GO GET THAT BOOK)  . Click on the names of the books  if you would like to  be directed to  there respective amazon pages.

Molli Moran

Author Biography
Molli is a Southern author who doesn't consider her day complete if she hasn't written. She loves coffee and talking fast, things she attributes to being raised by Gilmore Girls. She's a romantic at heart, and brings that to her books, which are usually about quirky characters chasing after their happily ever after. Although content when reading, she can often be found watching and flailing over Doctor Who, cuddling her various pets, or spending time with friends, family, or her girlfriend. Molli loves Oxford commas, country music, Stefan Salvatore, and scarves. 

If you need to reach her for any reason - especially if you want to talk books, or theorize about Doctor Who, you can send her an 
email or tweet her.
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Molli is the author of several New Adult novels including AS YOU TURN AWAY and ONE SONG AWAY. 

 Books By Molli Moran

  1. Where do you get your inspiration/ideas for your books? Oh, from everywhere, really. Sometimes I'll see a relationship in a movie and realize I want to write a similar couple. When I started writing my first book, As You Turn Away, I drew on my years of doing ballet as a child, and inspiration from the show Hart of Dixie to get a small-town vibe for my fictional town of Baylor, Georgia. I'm also VERY inspired by songs.
  2.  Can you carry us through your daily writing process? I work, so most of my writing is done in the evenings after work, or on my days off. I generally spent about two hours writing a day when I write. I have to have coffee or tea and I have to have my book playlist on. If it's a day off from work, I'll write in two-three hour long sprints. 
  3. You are very  vocal about Diversity in books on your social media sites. Do you think that enough progress is being made to deal with what many, if not all people that are a part of the book community would  refer to as the lack of diversity of all types in booksI think we have come so far within the last few years, and we are finally seeing more books with POC and LGBTIA+ main characters, disabled and neurodiverse characters, and so forth -- but no, it isn't enough. We need to all be reading (and buying, when we can) more diverse books, especially by #OwnVoices authors. (#OwnVoices is authors writing characters like them, i.e. queer authors writing queer characters, and so on.) It isn't enough for white authors to write diversely. We need to lift up writers of color, queer writers, disabled writers. We also need much, much more diversity in publishing roles. 
  4.  All  your books so far are set in small towns (I love small town romances!) can you say what you love most about small town romance ? I grew up in a small town in Tennessee, so naturally I wanted to set my books in small towns as well. I might write a book set in a big city someday, but for now, I love writing about tiny Southern towns. I love the natural camaraderie that develops within small towns both in books and in real life, the friendships, the way you can depend on others to help you out (and know all your business.) Haha.   
  5.  So I noticed that you are marvel fan  what  are some of your favorite  marvel superheroes , comics ,books , tv shows  & movies? I love the Avengers franchise, of course, as well as the Thor films and the Iron Man films, but my real love is Captain America. I'm on pins and needles waiting for Captain America: Civil War! I'm a huge Steve/Bucky shipper and I read lots of fanfic. I've read some of the Thor comics, and on the DC side, some Batman comics. 
  6.  What  is up  for you next writing wise for the rest of  2016 Can you give us some hints  about thenext  Walkers boy book ? I'll be republishing my first book (As You Turn Away) with a new cover this spring. In the summer, I'll publish the third Walker Boys book (As You Come Undone). And this winter it involves Ethan Walker and Jenna Rutledge a disabled redhead. Its kind of a hate to love book and we'll see cameos from the other couples too , I'll hopefully publish my first female/female romance, One Heart Like Mine.

Character Question

 All your character were gathering together for party ( yay)who would bring  the food ?, who  would be the life of the party? , which  couple would find a excuse to  leave  first to go home and things lol ? who would choose the music? , who would decorate? ,who would pull the pranks ? ( if there anything else you want to add that would be great )
Oh, this is such a fun question! Quinn would choose the music, and probably have a whole playlist going. She'd also be going around taking selfies with everyone! Lanie would decorate and want it all to be perfect. Reece and Lanie would definitely be the first to leave. LOL. Darren, Quinn's cousin, would be flirting with everyone and probably fit that "life of the party" role. Jonah and Ethan are both a little mischievous so in between trying to keep Darren under control, they'd be pulling pranks on Reece. Reece and Darren's best friend, Jared, would be there too, mixing drinks. 

Getting to know Molli 
  1. Favorite season ? Summer! Flip-flops, the beach, tanning. :D
  2. Top 5 Favorite  book boyfriends/girlfriend Ooh, hard question! Probably Kvothe from Patrich Rothfuss' KINGKILLER CHRONICLES. 
  3. What are you reading right now  ? I'm reading Emily Henry's THE LOVE THAT SPLIT THE WORLD.
  4. If you  could invite 5 people  living  , dead  or fictional  to dinner who would they  be ?V.C. Andrews, Patrick Rothfuss, Elliot Wake (writing as Leah Raeder), Tamara Ireland Stone, and Stephen King.
  5. Anything else you like to  add  ? Thank you so so much for having me! :) 


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