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Hi Everyone so for my  Cover Love Post  I will be talking about  the  Covers of  the Hope Falls Kindle World novels I think everything single one of these covers are beautiful !!! ( also if you are want to get any of these books just click the  titles of the books and it will bring you to the amazon page for the book )

Whiskey Ridge meets Hope Falls in this heartwarming romance... 

When Robbie Brooks finally comes back home to Hope Falls, his plan is to avoid the one woman he doesn't want to see. But he has no idea that a new woman will be coming into his world and there's no way he can avoid her. 

Will he open his heart again or leave town for good?

Katie arrives in Hope Falls with two goals: 1) to finish writing her romance novel, and 2) to stay away from men. That’s no easy task in a town full of lick-your-lips man candy and nosy matchmakers at every turn. 

Casey has a few goals of his own after he makes a fool out of himself with the new girl in town. First, he’d like to have a little fun with her. And second, he’d like to move on. 

In this sweet, romantic comedy, Katie & Casey find that goals aren’t always meant to be reached. Well, not all of them. 

Jason Denali hadn't planned the trip to Hope Falls. It was thrust on him, but he couldn't argue that the change was needed. He'd turned into someone even he couldn't like anymore. Unfortunately, he didn't know how to fix it. He was truly lost, and it wasn't the first time he'd felt that way. He'd been lost since he was ten-years-old. Since the day his sister died. Laken Sky didn't need the distraction of the bad boy baseball player staying in the next room over at her B and B. She'd come to Hope Falls to search for her past, to find a link to family she desperately needed in her life. Somehow, though, that bad boy next door finds his way into her heart, and she's not sure what she'll do when she has to give him up.

Georgia Reynold's plan was easy. Travel to Hope Falls. Nail the interview. Fly back across the country and pack her bags to begin her new life.

You know what they say about best laid plans...

Everett Bishop has spent the last three years roaming the country, desperate to forget that one tragic night. When he meets his cousin's friend, he's reminded that life and love will always find a way of catching up with you--whether you're ready or not.

Georgia has no idea what the future holds, but she's hopeful it might include Everett. She's found the chink in his armor, but will he drop his shield and surrender?

Julie Collins is done with men, and their super slimy ways.

Lt. Jason Steyner has given up on finding the right woman—at least until he gets out of the military.

But when the curvy flight attendant and the hunky Navy SEAL meet late one night, the attraction is immediate. And complicated. Can they find a way to keep each other in their lives? Will they realize what they have before it’s too late?

**River Bend - Hope Falls Crossover!**
Ryan Croft has three goals—enjoy his Tahoe vacation, figure out why the hell he’s so restless and, once and for all, forget about the woman who broke his heart nine years ago.

Rosemary Shaw has three goals, too—do the best job she can for her movie-star boss, settle into Hope Falls as quickly as possible and, at long last, come to terms with her past.

Running into each other after all this time? Not the plan. Feeling the same sizzle and spark after all this time? Not on the agenda, either, but since when does anything in life go as planned?

The chemistry between these former lovers is undeniable. Then again, so is the guilt and broken trust

Rock star Griffin Huntley longs for the one thing he never had—family. And who better to give it to him than his girlfriend, manager, and muse, Christina Olsen. But when his New Year’s Eve marriage proposal hits a sour note, Christina flees his limo in the middle of Manhattan, leaving Griffin fearing the worst. 

Christina has been burned in marriage before and knows marrying Griffin would be the kiss of death in their relationship. Just look at the disaster with his first wife. But when Griffin is spotted in the press with not one but two beautiful women in Hope Falls, California, Christina has a few choice words to say. To his face. 

Can two people with scarred hearts leave their pasts behind? Or will Griffin and Christina find the spark of hope they need in a small town called Hope Falls

She’s looking for a future with roots from her past… 

For Alesha Reed, coming back to Hope Falls is bittersweet. Twenty years ago it was her home, but that was when her family was still together. Now she’s returning to take over her father’s beloved book store – Read Between the Lines – while he deals with a health crisis. For years Alesha longed for the town, the people, the sense of belonging she once felt and she’s ready for her fresh start amidst the familiar. 

He’s seeing an important part of his past as a key to his future… 

Reece Brooks has called Hope Falls home for most of his life, but when the opportunity arose to give him a little breathing room from the close-knit community, he took it. It’s normally business-as-usual when he comes home for a visit, so imagine his surprise when this visit home brings him face to face with the first girl to ever break his heart. Granted, they were only seven years old at the time, but still. Fate has brought the girl he’s never forgotten back into his life. Unfortunately, Reece is only in Hope Falls for a limited time and Alesha’s ready to lay down roots there. 

Can you really find your soulmate at the age of seven or walk away when you find them again? In their wildest dreams, Reece and Alesha never imagined that their first love would be their greatest love. 

Dr. Jason Gilmore is back in Hope Falls, California, for the reading of the will of his mentor, David Hansen. Jason expects a small memento from the man he considered a father figure. He gets far more—including the task of sorting through David’s belongings with the help of his beautiful, sassy daughter, Tara.

Who just happens to be the woman with whom Jason had a hot, spontaneous encounter in a bar storeroom the night before.


And amazing.

Like all the residents of Hope Falls, Tara grew up adoring Dr. David Hansen, which made learning he was her dad—just days before his death—feel like the ultimate betrayal. She wants nothing from the man who cheated her out of having a father, and even less from his adoring ex-student. Too bad she can’t get Jason’s kisses out of her head.

Forced to work in close quarters, Tara and Jason succumb to their scorching chemistry as they sift through David’s life, learning things about him neither knew—both good and bad. As Tara’s bitterness toward her father fades, Jason’s admiration for the man also dims. Discovering his role model was a flawed human after all has Jason questioning his judgment in other areas…like his feelings for the man’s daughter.

Is his attraction to Tara the real deal? Or is Jason just getting his hopes up?

Well I hope you  Enjoyed this  Post . I want to read every single one  these books they not only sound amazing but the covers are just so so pretty . In  the comments below tell me what  you think of these covers ? which on is your favorite ?


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