Golden Key Monday's- Book Review - Caedmon"s Curse by A.J.NUEST

The two years Prince Caedmon suffered in the dungeons of Seviere’s keep left him with more than just lash marks lacing his back. He now retains the secret behind the key, and is the only one who understands its grim connection to his beloved Rowena. Torn between telling her the truth and risking their future, he agrees to join her perilous quest. But their enemies to the north are not the only menace determined to see them fail and, to prove his love, he must conquer the demons of his past.Join Caedmon and Rowena as they rediscover a love bound by fate, and struggle to unravel the significance behind Caedmon’s Curse, Book III in The Golden Key Chronicles


Caedmon  Curse  is the  third book in the Golden Key Chronicles  and  it did not  disappoint!! It was fantastic!! . We pick  up  with  Caedmon  and Rowena  on there journey in there search for Rowena key and omg  was it an adventure.

Caedmon and Rowena  were just  so  darn cute in this book.Watching them rediscover there love was wonderful . Just reading there  banter ,  the way they reacted  to  each other  what they protected each other and when everything just  clicked in place for them as it  concerned there  romantic relationship I was so  happy .I loved seeing them work together ,communicating with each other and lets not forget all the steamy times (yay).

In this book we got to  see a lot  more of the world  and also we got to hear about the mythology  of world  too with gods and goddesses , the  cave of tears it was so so  cool. We also got  meet  the creatures know as The Dregggs .I mean at  first they  kinda  scared me just by  there description  but when  I  read  more about  them I  found them  very fascinating  . We also got to  meet or main bad Gaelleod and boyyyyyyy did he creep me  out .I wish I  could tell you  guys who the other bad guy is but I feel like it  would be a spoiler.( I always suspected this person was up to know good  anyone who has read this book  can agree with me on that lol)

Caedmon Curse  was a wonderful  3rd book in  a series  and after the  ending of this book Iam very eager to jump into  the forth  book in  the  series Braedric's Bane .

5/5 Stars
  1. Whoo Hoo!!!! I am so thrilled that you enjoyed Caedmon's Curse, lovely JoDeen! Thank you for this fantastic review!!! xoxo

  2. looking forward to reading , thanks for sharing.


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