Book Review - Unquiet Land By Sharon Shinn

In the latest novel in Sharon Shinn's Elemental Blessings series, a woman is confronted with the past she left behind—and an uncertain future... 
Leah Frothen has returned home to rebuild the life she's avoided for years. But she can scarcely catch her breath before she is summoned to meet with the regent, Darien Serlast, the man who made her a spy. Leah is reluctant to take on a new assignment, but Darien has dangled the perfect lure to draw her in...

Leah finds she enjoys the challenges of opening a shop catering to foreign visitors, especially since it affords her the opportunity to get to know Mally, the child she abandoned five years ago. Leah is simultaneously thrilled, terrified, hopeful, moved, and almost undone as she slowly attempts to become part of her daughter's life.

But when the regent asks her to spy on ambassadors from a visiting nation, she develops a dangerous friendship with a foreign woman and finds herself falling in love with a man from her past. Soon Leah learns that everyone—her regent, her lover, and even her daughter—have secrets that could save the nation, but might very well break her heart
There are so many things I want to say about Unquiet Land, so much took place in this book. When I got the chance to read this book I was eager to dig in to it ,I am a huge fan of  Fantasy novels .As I got further and further into this story I enjoyed it more and more and I when I got to the end I was so sad because I  didn't want to leave these characters. Unquiet Land is another wonderful book from Sharon Shinn.
In this book we follow Leah . Leah has come back to home after years of avoiding it . I felt like in this book we really got to see Leah rebuild her life  and also attempt to make up for  mistakes that she made in the past . Watching Leah relationship  with Mally was just wonderful , every moment we go to see them  together brought a smile to my face, I felt like we spent a lot of  this  story  watching there  mother  daughter  bond  form and I know that's not something  that forms over night but even from the very beginning when they meet I just felt this instant bond between them.
The romance in this book was perfect, I loved that it did  not over power the story in anyway. It was a slow burn romance and was absolutely perfect for this  couple. If I had to describe the romance  in  three words they would  be sexy , enchanting and patient. I loved the world that this book  is set  in  I found my self constantly fascinated  with the people , the magic ,  the politics , the culture I could on and on . I honestly  wish I could dive into this world and visit lol .
There was not a dull moment in this book , every scene  either had me at  the edge  my seat ,  smiling  or gave me a little  bit  more information  that I did not have before . Sharon Shinn creates a  storied filled with , love , magic , politics  and surprises and those are four things  that I just love in my stories . If you love these things in yours books I  highly suggest you get a copy.


  1. I had never heard of Sharon Shinn before but this review has me itching to discover her books for myself. Needless to say, this was another great review! :)

  2. Great review. Thanks for sharing with us x


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