Hey Everyone Happy New Year!!!  I hope you  have a wonderful 2016 , so now that it is 2016 I think its only fitting that I share some of my  most anticipated books of 2016, okay lets get stared!

1 Wicked Sexy Liar by Christina Lauren 
I love Christina Lauren!! their books are  just such delights to read  ,which is why Iam  looking forward to the conclusion  to their wild season series ( for all  of you who  are interested  in  starting this series the first  book  is  called sweet filthy boy  ) Wicked sexy liar  will be out on  February  2nd ,2016

This is the ninth book  in  their beautiful  bastard series ( for all  of you   who are interested in started  this series  the first  book   in the series is called Beautiful  Bastard)  This  is a  novella  that is centered around  the main  characters  of  Beautiful  Player  Will Sumners and Hanna Bergstrom . Iam very excited to see what is in store for these two  next . Beautitiful  Boss will be out  February 29th, 2016

This is the 42nd book in the In  Death series   ( for those who are interested in starting this series the first  book  in the series is  called Naked In Death) which  follows Main  Character  Lieutenant  Eve Dallas  with  help from her friends , co workers and amazing ( and ridiculously  hot!!!!) husband Roarke  solve  many  murder cases . The  books  in the  In  Death  series  just continue  to get   better and  better as we go along   and  even  better  Brotherhood In  Death  involves  one of my  favorite minor character in the series  Dennis Mira. Brotherhood in Death will be out on  February 2nd,2016

This  is  the  3rd book  in The  Sinclair's  series ( for those who are interested in starting this series the first books  is called  Not your Ordinary Billionaire ) I this love series , it has all my favorite things  romance  , hot  alpha main male characters  and on top of that it takes place in a small town  !!!!   The Billionaire Touch will be out on  February 2nd 2016

This is the 9th book in the billionaire obsession series ( for those who are interest in starting this series  the first book is called   the billionaire obsession ) this is another wonderful  series  by J.S.Scott !! each story in this series  is fun  , romantic  and at the same time  it sets  you up for what  is to come next . The Billionaire Undaunted will be out on  June 7th, 2016

This is the first book in the dark artifices trilogy and  the  3rd  series in the shadowhunter chronicles (for those who are interested  in getting into the shadowhunter chronicles I suggest starting of with city of bones the first book in the mortal instruments series , however some people like to start with the Infernal Devices trilogy and the  first  book in that trilogy  is called clockwork angel) Lady Midnight  follows Emma Carstairs  5 years  after  the events of  City of heavenly fire, the last books  in the mortal instruments series  and after what  happened  in that book  I cant wait to see what happens next. Lady Midnight will be out on  March 8th ,2016

 7 The Obsession  by Nora Roberts 
Iam a Huge Nora Roberts  fan  so obviously  Iam  excited for her 2016 standalone novel the obsession . It is about  Naomi Bowes,  who as  child her  family  was torn apart  by a shocking crime . Now living under the name  Naomi Carson she has decided to  put down her roots in a lovely new town , but as she plans her  future and makes  new friends , her past comes back to  haunt her .I cant wait to get my hand on this romantic thriller  .The Obsession will be out on April 12th ,2016

8 The Star - Touched Queen  by  Roshani Chokshi 
The minute I heard about this book  I was like yes please give this to me now ! its a  fantasy novel ( I love  fantasy!!!)  inspired  by Indian mythology  with a Hades and Persephone styled romance . This is my top Debut author read  for 2016 .The Star Touched Queen will be out on May 3rd, 2016

9 A Court of Mist And Fury  by Sarah J.Maas
This is the second book in the A court of thorns and roses trilogy ( for those that are interested in this  series  the first book  is called A court of thorns and roses ) that follows  Feyre a nineteen year old huntress , it has romance            ( Some Very Very Hot Fae Men !!)  its action packed  and for  me the first books was  near to impossible to put done .I cannot wait to find out what happens next .A  Court of Mist and fury will be out on  May 3rd,2016

10 Roman Crazy  by  Alice Clayton And Nina Bocci
Just reading  the blurb of this  had me saying yep I need this one !!! Its about Avery Bardot , a woman  looking for a fresh start  after her leaving her soon to be ex husband and plans to spend her summer in rome with her  best friend , but when her best friend throws her a welcoming party  on her first night  she see the man she never thought  she would see again, marcello  the one that got away.This book has been described  as a " delicious  , sexy  laugh out loud  modern romance about  a newly single woman and her journey to find love again"  and cannot wait to read it . Roman Crazy will be out on September  13 2016

  I hope you enjoyed  reading this post  as much as enjoyed   typing it up . I cannot  wait to get my hands on all of these books !!!  tell me what are some of your most  anticipated books in the comments .

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