ARC Book Review - Cant Forget her by Molly Mclain


**River Bend - Hope Falls Crossover!**

Ryan Croft has three goals—enjoy his Tahoe vacation, figure out why the hell he’s so restless and, once and for all, forget about the woman who broke his heart nine years ago.

Rosemary Shaw has three goals, too—do the best job she can for her movie-star boss, settle into Hope Falls as quickly as possible and, at long last, come to terms with her past.

Running into each other after all this time? Not the plan. Feeling the same sizzle and spark after all this time? Not on the agenda, either, but since when does anything in life go as planned?

The chemistry between these former lovers is undeniable. Then again, so is the guilt and broken trust


Can't Forget Her by Molly McLain  is Hope falls kindle words novel  and It was so good!! .The Main  Characters  Ryan  Croft  and Rosemary Shaw  were such fun to  read  about, watching them  rekindle  their relationship was just wonderful. The story mainly  took  place  in  Hope  Falls  ,I loved the setting and by now Iam pretty sure everyone who visit my blog knows I love small  town romance lol,  but it  was more than  it just  taking place in a small town. What Molly  McLain  creates with her words in this book  with the places and people really just makes you want to step into this book lol  . Can't Forget Her was  romantic  , steamy  ,  sweet and  just  an overall wonderful read  !!  It will be out  on  January 28th, 2016

5/5 Stars


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