Waiting on Wednesday - The Tycoon Captured Heart

My very first Waiting On Wednesday book is   The Tycoon Captured Heart  by Elizabeth Lennox.

For years, Grayson had watched Scarlett grow up. At first, there had just been a connection, something that drew the two of them together. But as the small girl grew into a beautiful woman, he knew that over the years, he’d fallen in love with her.

And then she’d asked him to teach her how to attract a man! If any of his competitors knew what a soft spot he had for this woman, he’d have to destroy them. But there it was. He could crush his competition without breaking a sweat, but he couldn’t deny Scarlett when she asked him for help.

Scarlett had loved Grayson since she was a young teenager, and the feeling had only grown stronger as the years had passed. But every time she’d decided that she was going to tell him about her feelings, the man had yet another paramour on his arm. She hated him and loved him…and had no idea how to break out of this painful cycle. How could she convince him that she could love him better than all of those silly women? Or failing that, how could she move on with her life?

Why Iam Waiting?
I have been reading books  by Elizabeth Lennox for quite some time , so  I look forward to each one of her series. I loved every couple In  the Boarding school series (for those who want to  start  this series the first book is called The Greek's Forgotten Wife    there is  also a introductory book to the series  called   The Boarding School Series Introduction )however  Iam  DYING to know  what will happen  between  Scarlett and Grayson  In the Tycoon Captured Heart . If you like  books with romance ,  friendship,billionaires   and steamy  times ,  I suggest you  try out  The Boarding School Series  .It will be out on January 15,2016.


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