Book Review - The Curve Contract by Christa Wick

Plus-size business owner Pippa Jones is in dire straits. Her accountant has disappeared with her PR firm's income and payroll taxes. Even if PJ can avoid criminal prosecution, she's going to have to sell everything she has and lay off all her employees, including her best friend!

Enter billionaire Blake Cross, her firm's biggest client and a notorious playboy. Discovering she's in trouble, he makes an offer that will fix both their problems. All she has to do is marry him and make it look real.


With Blake calling her baby and love while his hands and mouth relentlessly worship her body publicly and privately, Pippa's starting to realize that the cost of saving her company just might be a broken heart


In The Curve Contract  by Christa Wick  we follow Pippa Jones  ( also know as PJ) whose PR firm is in  some  serious problem due a shady accountant . However  one of her clients Blake Cross, comes up with a solution that both solves his most recent problems and hers, marrying him and making  it look genuine .I loved every minute of it !!! 

I Could not  put this book  down , I  read this book so fast. Getting to  see the  relationship between Pippa and Black was really a treat. They  really cared about each other, I was rooting for this couple from beginning to end  .This book was   romantic sweet and hot hot hot ( seriously you might need to keep  the fan on when your reading it ).  If you loves those things  in your books then you should pick this one up !!!.

5/5 stars


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