Book Review - Rebel Love by Jodi Linton

She wants revenge...

The Dirty Sinners Motorcycle Club is Em Connors's only family, but she's ready to risk everything--both her club and her life--for vengeance. Ten months ago, she was brutally attacked and her lover gunned down by a rival gang member. Now, she's using her position as the Dirty Sinners president to track down the truth and exact her revenge.

He'll risk it all... 

With his partner murdered by a local motorcycle gang, Houston police officer Cade Jackson jumps at the chance to go back undercover and bring down the woman the department calls the Motorcycle Princess. But the sexy-as-hell leader awakens a hunger in Cade. Dark desires run deep--and he intends on teaching Em exactly how dirty he can be. But when his cover is blown, Cade must choose to uphold the law or protect the woman he's grown to going rogue


This  Rebel Love  is the first book  in  Jodi Linton  The Dirty Sinners Motorcycle Club Series    . I was lucky  enough to  win  an arc of this book and let me tell  you  this book did not disappoint. The story  follows  Em Connors's and  Cade Jackson who are on two different  sides of the law  , Em being the President of The Dirty Sinners  Motorcycle club and  Cade being a  Houston Police Officer ,  but at the same time they were so0000 perfect for each other !!

The romance was hot  and  steamy there was literally times when I had  to  fan myself  lol the   chemistry between Em and Cade  was above  and beyond .It was really a treat watching these two  fall in love,  gaining each other  trust  even in this  tricky situation that they were  in.

 Both Em and Cade Both had the same  goal in the end even though  they went  about it in different  ways   to  find  out  who  killed  a  person they  cared about  . I  Found  my self  constantly  asking who is the killer  ? who is the killer ? who is the killer ? and when the puzzle pieces comes together  I was on the edge of  my seat.  There were points in this book that I could not sit down  I was just  pacing  around my room reading this book . If anyone saw me they would think I  was going crazy  lol

 I loved this book   it had romance, mystery and it will  keep  you turning the pages until  its over , If you  love all  these things in your books I suggest you pick  up  a  copy .

5/5 Stars


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