Book Review - RELEASE by J.S.SCOTT

My name is Eva Morales, and I was one step away from being homeless when Trace Walker came into my life. I want to hate him because of my past, but I end up making what I consider a "devil's bargain" with the arrogant young billionaire instead. Really, I have no choice. It's either take the work he's offering or starve, and I've been hungry long enough. 
I didn't think being his fake fiancee for the holidays would be a difficult job, but it ends up more complicated than I ever imagined, and I see a whole new side of Trace once he lets his guard down. He's haunted by his past--just like me, But there are things I can never tell him, secrets I don't dare reveal. 
Eventually, I find myself in a difficult situation because our volatile attraction to each other won't be denied. Should I tell him the truth, or do I finish the job he's paying me for and walk away with my secrets still hidden, my pride still intact? He's paying me enough for this job to take care of myself once it's over. I've always been alone, and I always thought I preferred it...until I met Trace. I'd have to put everything on the line to be honest with him, but he very well might be the first man who is worth the risk. Honestly, I'd be endangering more than just my pride. I could handle feeling like a loser, because I've pretty much felt that way my entire life. What really terrifies me is being vulnerable and the possibility of ending up with a shattered heart....


 Release is the first  book in the Walkers Brother Series  by  J.S.Scott .If you don't know already I  love  J.S.Scott books ,so when she came out  with this  book  last  December  I was so  excited !! It was like a Christmas gift . As soon as I  was able to I read it and it was so ! so! so! good,  as all  J S.Scott books are. I just could not put this book down. 

The  story  follows Eva Morales  who is on the brink of being homeless,  has no job, it safe to say that things are not going well  for her right now.  So at her last resort  she goes to  see Travis  Walker  who comes up  with  bargain that   solve both of their  most  immediate  problems and from there the story takes off.

I love  Eva  and  Trace  so  much it was amazing getting know these two characters and just seeing them get to know each other. You  really feel for  both of Eva and Trace when you  get to  know about some of the more tragic moments  that they  have had to face in there past.When I found out more about Trace's fathers  death and  the horrible relationship between Eva and her mother and how that  all  is connected  ,I found myself really wanting to give  Eva  and Trace hugs at  multiple parts in this book  , but what  I loved is that  they really  accepted each other completely through the bad and good and  became  pillars of support for  one another  . Watching these two fall in love  was  just  wonderful  .

Release  by  J S. Scott was amazing .I cant wait to  see  what J.S.Scott  has in store for Trace's two other brothers  Dane  and  Sebastian in the next books in this series   !! it  was romantic  ,   steamy ( very  very steamy ). There was some things that you  find out  in this book  that  I did not see coming it  was like  BAM PLOT TWIST  lol.  It was just  a wonderful  read from beginning to end  . If you  love all of these things in your books I suggest you  pick up  a copy .

5/5 stars


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