Happy Friday !! & welcome to my first TOP 5 post .Today I will be sharing My Top 5 Favourite Romance Books ( and let  me tell you  it  was  really hard narrowing it down because I read a lot of amazing romance books ) okay lets get started!!

1 Carolina Moon by Nora Roberts
This story revolves around Tory Bodeen  ,who  has just moved back to the small town in  South Carolina  where she grew up in  abusive household ,and where her  childhood best-friend  Hope  was brutally murdered( the murdered is still unsolved )  . Now she is back to start a new chapter in her life however as she starts  doing just that   hope murderer starts to strike again . I loved this book so much I cant even tell you  how much times I have reread it  and most likely will reread it  again.

2 Billionaire Undone by J.S.Scott
This has to be my  favourite  book in The Billionaire's Obsession Series (and its pretty hard to pick a favourite  in this series because  they are all so so good !!)  I have probably reread this book about   5 or 6 times  .This book revolves around Travis Harrison  and Ally Caldwell.  Travis is  Ally's  boss and after finding out that her  fiancee was cheating on her  and then ending the engagement ( woot woot) , the relationship  between Ally and Travis changes .

3 Sergei by Roxie Rivera
This is the fifth  book in the  Her Russian Protector series ,  and it was amazing I loved following this couple from beginning to end  . This story is  about  Sergei Sakharov and Bianca Bradshaw. Bianca refuses to date men  with criminal ties however she very much tempted to  do that when it come to Sergei who is an mob enforcer.However due to his mob ties and Bianca past trouble come  knocking and Sergei will do what ever it takes to  protect her.

4 Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren
This the first book in The Wild  Season Series which follows three women who have just graduated from college and decided to go the Las Vegas where they meet three very very attractive men.Sweet Filthy Boy focuses on Mia Holland and Ansel Guillaume . I loved seeing Mia journey in this book from where she is when you meet her on the first page to where we leave her at the end.Watching Mia and Ansel fall in love was such fun.

5  Real by Katy Evans
This is the first book in The Real series  this book is about  Brooke Dumas  and Remington Tate, star of a underground fighting circuit . This book  grabbed me from  page one .If I could  describe  Brooke and Remington  story  in one word it would  intense  ( you thought I was going to say real didn't you? lol)  and I loved every  steamy minute of it .I was rooting for this couple on every page of this book .

Well that is  My Top  5  favourite  Romance Books ,what are some of your favorite romance books ? tell me in the comments


  1. I only know 3 books on this list and out of those 3 I've only read one. Apparently I really need to look up J.S. Scott and Roxie Rivera if you love their books so much! :)


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