ARC Book Review - A Di Sione for the Greek's Pleasure By Kate Hewitt


"Finding my book will take you on a journey in more ways than one." 

Natalia is trembling. She hasn't left the Di Sione estate in years, but must retrieve her grandfather's lost book of poems from formidable tycoon Angelos Menas—who's just mistaken her for his daughter's new nanny! 

The brooding Greek and his precious daughter were scarred in the fire that claimed his wife, and Talia is drawn to the man beneath the damaged exterior. She knows the untold pleasure Angelos offers is limited, but when she leaves with the book, will her heart remain behind on the island?


When I first heard about this book I was so excited  so when I got chance to read this book early I was thrilled and dived into the story as soon as I could and I thoroughly enjoyed A Di Sione for the Greeks Pleasure.

 In this book we mainly follow Natalia and Angelos ,I love these two together .Natalia was on the hunt for her grandfather's book and Angelos was looking for a nanny for his daughter. When they first cross paths lets just say it was not warm and friendly but at the same time it was the beginning to a swoon worthy love story. The romance in this book was fantastic Natalia and Angelos were perfect for each other.I felt like they got each other to open their eyes to a lot of things  and start living, it almost felt like they were waking each other up . Angelos at first comes off aloof and moody, we get to understand why he is the way he is , however during this story we got to see him let down his walls and that was just wonderful to see. Natalia has spent a lot of her life sheltered and with the traumatic experience she went though it is completely understandable why she pulled away but during this story  we got to see her embrace life again and I was so happy to see that . Every moment that we spend with these two whether they were having a sweet  or sexy  moment or whether they were arguing with each other made me root for them more and more. I needed to see them have their happily ever after and that's exactly what I got from the story. With the sexy romance , the beautiful setting of  Greece and lovely characters. Kate Hewitt creates a fantastic story with A Di Sione for the Greek's Pleasure.

 A Di Sione For The Greek's Pleasure was a sexy ,heartwarming contemporary romance.I cannot wait to see what Kate Hewitt writes next. If you love all these things in your books I suggest  you go to copy when it comes out November 22, 2016.

4.5/5 STARS


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