Book Review - Bearly Magic By Catherine Vale

The local humans don’t know it, but they live among a growing community of shifters, mages, dark elves, and even vampires. San Fransisco may look like a beautiful city by day, but when the lights go down, the streets are crawling with paranormal creatures, of all kinds. 

Angela Mason works for the Order of Protection. This means that it’s her job to protect the city from dark supernatural forces, and do whatever is needed to keep the people safe, including partnering with the irresistibly handsome stranger, Cole Avery. 

Cole is a shifter mercenary, a ruggedly handsome were-bear, who is dedicated to getting the job done. His reputation as a ruthless warrior speaks for itself, so when he is called to help Angela out on a missing person report, she knows his help is needed…even if she’d rather go it alone. 

What she doesn’t expect, is to feel such a strong connection to the dangerous shifter. Thankfully, Cole Avery’s rule of never mixing business with pleasure should keep them focused on solving the mystery. Or so they think… 

Readers: This title was previously published as Bear Meets Girl, and is a stand-alone novel that features a sexy heroine, and the half-bear, half-mage that can't get enough of her curves. I hope you enjoy this BBW paranormal romance story that is filled with just enough magic, and a lot of love. 


I'm a huge fan of Catherine Vale books so when I got a chance to read this book I was so excited and it was wonderful. Bearly Magic was fantastic.

 In this book we follow Cole and Angelina .The main reason why they first meet is because they have to work together to find Angelina's best friend  who's just been kidnapped. You can see the chemistry between these two from the very beginning, it almost felt like it was a promise from the author letting us know that we  were in for a sexy ,thrilling ride with these two in this story. I love the romance in this book if I had  to describe it in three words  they would be sexy, fun and heart pounding .Every minute I spent with this couple had me rooting for them more and more .I loved the world that Catherine Bell creates with the shifters and the mages and all the order of protection ,Its all so very fascinating.There was so much happening in the story, It held onto me and did not let go. With the sizzling hot romance ,all paranormal creatures and a plot that will keep your eyes glued in this book Catherine Vale creates an excellent story with Bearly Magic.

Bearly Magic is a sexy, thrilling ,paranormal romance. Iam so excited  to  get my hands on Catherine Vale  next book . If you love all these things in your books I suggest you get a copy.


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