ARC BOOK REVIEW- Love Walks In By Samantha Chase

Book #2 in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Samantha Chase’s dazzling new series.

The Shaughnessy Brothers are back

He lives by a schedule. Aubrey Burke is on the run from an about-to-be-disastrous mistake when resort owner Hugh Shaughnessy catches her climbing through his office window. Until Aubrey tumbled into his life, Hugh had relied on work and discipline to safeguard a heart damaged by family tragedy. Now his careful world will never be the same.

She lives for the moment. Hugh’s approach to life and love is the opposite of Aubrey’s, but she soon finds herself falling hard for the handsome hotel mogul. There’s a darker reason behind her “live for today” attitude than Hugh could possibly know, but for the first time Aubrey dares to hope this man’s love might make it worth taking a chance on the future


Love Walks In  By Samantha Chase was  Fantastic. In this book we follow Hugh Shaughnessy  and Aubery Burke omg  did I love these two. There were such good  characters  . The way they  initially  meet had me laughing all the  way through the  scene . Seeing  Hugh  and Aubery  come together on the project they were one and get to know  each other  and open up to each other was  wonderful  . Samantha Chase does an amazing  job crafting the romance in this story . Hugh and Aubery where just  perfect for each other and Iam very happy with where  we left  them at the end of this book .Between the fantastic Character and The Swoon Worthy Romance and Just the overall plot, Samantha  Chase has created  one wonderful story .

Love Walks In was perfect  fluffy contemporary   romance I love it so  much  .When I got to the last  page I was like really  kindle is  that it ? are you positive there are no  more pages ? are sure ? lol. It was romantic , sexy, heart warming , emotional and look forward   to reading the next book in the  The Shaughnessy Brothers  Series  I cant wait to see  what Samantha  Chase  has in store for the rest of the members  of this  family  . If you love  all these things in your books  I suggest you get  a copy  when it comes out on April  ,5 , 2016.

5/5 Stars


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