Book Review - Flirting With Danger By Ava Catori and Olivia Rigal

Isabella's body shook, and for an instant she forgot how to breathe. She jerked her head back against the wall and looked into my eyes, her mouth forming a perfect circle, "Oh!" 

Isabella had plans, big ones for her future, but she also had a family. Forced to choose between her dreams and saving her father’s life, Isabella was thrust into the arms of a stranger. 
Gino craved money and power. Consumed with ambition, Gino would stop at nothing to get what he wanted. Climbing the ladder to become a Mafia boss, he never imagined that his lust for Isabella would be his downfall.


Flirting With  Danger is  the 3rd book in this  Flirting With Curves series. I enjoyed this book a lot!

In this Book  we Follow Isabella and Gino. They are  both find them self in a very complicated situation with each other .   I really loved Gino  how  is  dealt with the  situation  ,he could  have been a complete ass  but he was understanding  and  kind  to Isabella  . You really  felt for Isabella in this book  because she is  essentially  giving  up her dreams to  save  her father  and that is not an easy thing to do. Watching Isabelle and Gino Relationship change during  to course of this book  was wonderful . I was very very happy with  where we left Isabella and Gino at the end of this book. I  loved that we also got to see characters from  books  1 and 2 of this series as well .It was fun catching up with them .

Flirting With Danger was a great ! . It was a Sexy  fun read and I  look  forward to seeing what  Ava Catori and Olivia Rigal  write next .



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