Release Day Blast - Brazilian Revenge By Carmen Falcone

Hot, dramatic, suspenseful and filled with twists and turns that had me on the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading.” – The Rambling Book Junkie


Human rights lawyer Leonardo Duarte wants to destroy Satyanna Darling, the woman who disappeared after a weekend of earth shattering sex…along with his priceless sculpture. But when he finds her in a Brazilian prison a year later he realizes she didn't act alone and blackmails her into helping him find the man behind the theft.

Satyanna wants to return to the US and stay out of prison, but she knows Leonardo won't let her, unless she takes him to the man who really stole from him. As they embark on a cat and mouse game to find the man with all the answers, dodging their attraction to each other becomes even more difficult. But even while things heat up between them, secrets and mistrust threaten everything.


In Brazilian Revenge By Carmen Falcone  we follow  Leonardo and Satyanna  who after  hot  steamy weekend together   Satyanna   along  with  a priceless  sculpture    disappear  and after  searching for  her   he find her in a prison. It is at this point the story  really  takes  off .I  would just  like to  start  off  by saying that  this  story  was  such  fun !!! I loved it  !!!  This book  grabbed me and did  not let  go until  the end.

Leonardo and Satyanna  were such  fun character . In the beginning   they are pretty  stand offish  about each other  because  of  past  events, but  when they began to  slowly  let  each other in again it was wonderful to see . We got some back story  on each of the characters  and it  really  helped you  understand  why  they are the way they are. They  were both such   strong characters   I found them  both very  realistic  and relatable  . I was rooting  for this couple  so  hard!!!  it  didn't matter what there personal  issue  were.  I was  like please!! work it  out you  two belong together forever and ever and ever . The whole  cat  and mouse  game  to  find the man who  was  the cause of all there problems in  this books  takes some  twist  and turns I didn't  expect  and had me on the edge of  my seat  . I really   just wanted to  clobber the   bad guy with  a huge stick lol . I also loved that the setting was Brazil just  from Carmen Falcone descriptions of the places we visit in this book. It makes me want to  visit lol.

Brazilian Revenge by Carmen Falcone  was a wonderful book  it was romantic , sexy ,  funny  ,  emotional   and just  a pleasure to  read !!! (  Carmen can I have a novella  about   Leonardo  and Satyanna plz!!! lol) If you  love all these things in your  books then I suggest  you  pick up  a copy of this book on  March 7 ,2016


5/5 Stars

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Silly small talk was harmless, right? Maybe the guy didn’t even speak English, which would bring things to a stop quickly and spare her the embarrassment. Before she thought things through, she found herself walking toward him, even though her knees weakened a bit more with each step.
What the hell? She had dated before and even had a boyfriend or two while studying at the New York City Photography Institute. This…by the time she made it to his side, she still had no fucking idea what she was going to say. He held a tumbler that was half filled with ice and some sort of alcoholic drink. Up close, he was bigger and taller, even though she stretched to her full five feet nine inches. His profile was intense, his eyes looking above even though there was nothing but a cloudless sky sprinkled with stars. The music from the dance floor faded into the background, and she inhaled. The man was completely content with being on his own, and this fascinated her, even though she couldn’t quite understand the sentiment—not after a life of being on her own for the most part.
She felt an unfamiliar throbbing sensation in her heart; it surged all the way down between her legs. “What are you supposed to be?” she asked him. He turned to look at her, and she noticed that his eyes were a gorgeous hazel—cinnamon with a hint of gold.
“Excuse me?” he asked without a smile and lifted his glass before taking a swig.
“Your costume,” she said, pointing at him. She lifted her hand to keep him from speaking. “No. Don’t say it. Let me guess. A mysterious guest. Perhaps a party crasher who stole some rich guy’s black tie.”
He chuckled, and the sound was masculine, hearty, and infectious. The planes of his face softened a bit, and she almost reached for his drink to have a shot, because she needed something to settle her nerves. “Go on,” he said, with a heavily accented voice.
“You used someone’s suite, maybe even a deluxe one. But you were afraid they’d return, which is why you didn’t have time to shave.” She pointed at his face. “Your hair is messy. You’re worried about something. Perhaps someone stood you up.”
He offered her a half smile. “Who would that person be?”
She leaned in. “A woman. A woman who likes to keep you on your toes.”
“Maybe she will meet me with our new passports before we fly off somewhere,” he said, his eyes watching her as if she would escape from him otherwise.
“In that case, I better introduce myself before she gets here. Satyanna Darling.” She offered him her hand, but in typical Brazilian style he gave her a kiss on both cheeks. The kiss was nothing more than it should have been, but, oh, it unleashed a part of her that she had no idea had been suppressed until then.



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