Book Review - Flirting With Deception by Ava Catori and Olivia Rigal

STAND ALONE NOVEL in the Ocean Crest world.
Gia’s body was soft and warm, curvy in all the right places, and padded to perfection. I loved that feminine detail, the one that spoke of her sensuality and had my body pushed to the limit with a need to devour her.
She wrapped her legs up around me. Everything felt right. This was where I belonged. We moved in sync, a rhythmic dance taking us to the edge.
Strong and stubborn, Gia struck out on her own. Little did she know that Ocean Crest was forbidden territory or that her harmless deception would create such chaos.
Devoted to New Jersey and the Ocean Crest project, Hunter thought reuniting with his high school sweetheart made everything fall into place. Until he started working with Gia.
Boundaries are tested as the story continues in Ocean Crest, New Jersey


In Flirting with Deception  we follow Hunter and Gia who are friends at the beginning of this book who work  together  but when  Gia  secret is  revealed  things  start  to  change   between them. I Enjoyed this book  it was such a fast paced read  .

I loved following Gia and Hunter  so  much  there  are such great  characters ,Seeing there relationship   go from where it  is   the beginning  of the story  to the end  was wonderful. I love how honest hunter was  and love how feisty  Gia  was,  she did not  take crap from any one and that was wonderful to see in a female characters  . One of others things  I enjoyed about this book is how family  played such a big  role  in this book .  It was really interesting to   see  how it  tied into so many things in the plot. You also  got to see how  family shaped and molded   both gia and  hunter in this book. I   liked that the setting was new jersey because you don't  see  books set  in that area  very often.

Flirting With Deception was such fun to read  it was  sexy , sweet had some  twist  and turns I did not  see coming   at  all  and  wrapped  up  with a  happy  ending  , but at the same time   gave us  a hint of what  expect  next in this  series . Iam excited to  see what  Ava Catori and Olivia Rigal  have in store for us  next in this series .If you love all these things in your book I suggest  you  get  a copy of this book.

4/5 Stars


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