ARC Book Review - Dark Side of The Moon By Catherine Vale

Veronica Maxwell has never fit in. Not into the cliques in high school, not even in her own family. Her mother was only concerned about her daughter gaining weight, and her father wasn't much better. So, she turned to martial arts as a way of venting out that anger, and that's how she ended up in the ring, fighting her ass off, fired up and ready to compete.

Mikel Taso is used to fighting. He lives in a world of constant war; clans fighting clans and shifters fighting shifters. But when his clan is threatened by extinction, he knows he has no other choice but to abandon his planet for a thriving one: earth. And that's how he came face to face with our kick-ass heroine, and the one woman he believes is his one true mate.

When these two fighters' cross paths, it sets in motion a series of events that will not only test their will to survive against all odds, but to survive each other. And Veronica isn't going down without a fight.

Readers: This is a sexy were-bear paranormal shifter romance, featuring a curvy BBW heroine, alien sci-fi action and one dominant alpha who knows how to make a woman scream his name. Snag your copy and talk a walk on the wild side of love!


I was very Intrigued when I first  heard about Dark Side of The Moon . The blurb really drew me In and made me  want to know more. When I got a chance to read this book I read It as soon as I could and I thoroughly enjoyed it .

In this book  we  follow Veronica  and Mikel and I absolutely love these two characters, they are literally from two different worlds  so Its really interesting seeing them interact because of  that lol .These two are such strong characters  I loved that Veronica  was a plus sized  woman who loved her body and embraced being strong and I loved that Mikel was such a strong  leader but at the same time had such a beautiful  vision for his world.  We spend most of this book in Mikel world, I found  the shifters and the world so very fascinating . These Veronica and Mikel do not  meet under the very best circumstances but during this  story as they get to know each other and give into there attraction to each other you see them fall in love and it was wonderful , the deeper I got into this  story Is more I rooted for them to be together , by the end of this story I had  a huge grin on my face knowing that they  got an ending that was absolutely  perfect for them. Between the out of this world setting , the sexy romance and the plot that will kept me turning the pages to find out what Veronica and Mikel are up to next Catherine Vale creates a fantastic story with Dark Side of The Moon .

 Dark Side of The Moon Is a  sexy , thrilling  story . I am very excited to get my hands on what Catherine Vale writes next. If you love all these things in your books I suggest you pick up a copy when It comes out September 5,2016.


4.5 /5 STARS


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