Book Review - Roommating By Noelle Adams and Samantha Chase

Forget all those other roommate romances you might have read.

Heather and Chris don't hate each other...very much. And they don't have sex all the least not at first. Chris doesn't go around shirtless, flexing his muscles and driving Heather wild...too often. And he doesn't get jealous and possessive every time she goes out with another man...well, maybe occasionally.

But they definitely don't fall in love...right away.

When Heather comes back to her hometown, she plans to take over her father's historic restoration business and move into a beautiful converted apartment in Preston's Mill. Then she finds out she'll have to partner up with the one man she can never forgive. Chris Dole, who abandoned her father and betrayed her trust three years ago.

It gets even worse. They don't just have to work together. They have to become roommates for six months to prove they can get along. That means Heather will have to play nice with Chris and put up with his obnoxiousness, his drop-dead sexiness, and his ugly recliner named Flo.

She'll do what she has to do out of loyalty to her father, but she isn't going to like it.


I have read books  by both Samantha Chase and Noelle Adams  and thoroughly enjoyed them so when I heard  they were writing a  book together called Roommating I was so excited  to see what this story had in store. When I finally  got the chance to read it I got into this story as soon as I could and I thought it was fantastic.

 In this story we follow  Heather and Chris and I absolutely  loved these two together, the minute I  read  there  very  first scene together,I was  like that is it  you two need to go get married please invite me to the wedding  please send me pictures of your children lol . In  the very beginning of this story these two are not on the best  terms with each other but due to some new circumstances they find themselves in they have to  live together and seeing these two live together was definitely an experience  lol . Some of  the  funniest moments in this  book happen over them arguing over there living arrangement . Even though in the beginning they did not get a long and you can understand why when you learn exactly what happened to make them react to each other they way they  do  ,as we get deeper and  deeper  into this story you see them both give into the mutual attraction they have towards  each other and eventually fall in love.As I said  earlier I was rooting  for these two  from the very  beginning of this story no matter what happened between them,so when I got  to the end and saw that they got an ending that was absolutely  perfect  for them I was so happy. Samantha Chase & Noelle Adams take a sexy romance , a fantastic cast of characters &  the  cutest little dog ever and  create a  fantastic story with Roommating.

Roommating  is a sexy, fun ,heartwarming story  that reminds us that true love and happily ever after can be  found  in the most unexpected places  & circumstances . I cannot wait to see  what Noelle Adams and Samantha Chase write next.If you love  all these things in your books I suggest you get a copy when It comes out September 7,2016 .

4.5/5 STARS


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