Book Review - Pure Fantasy By M.Eror

Lana is convinced that she lives in perfect harmony with her own carefully devised plan. And everything in her life seems to go as she intends it. A new city. A new job. New acquaintances. And most importantly: life without a man! 

One autumn afternoon a dark-haired man enters her small shop. His arrogant demeanor and provoking character are more than irritating. She is perfectly aware that her reactions to Mr. Arrogant undermine her most important rule. Never mind! She’ll never see him again. 

Will he disrupt her plan? 


When I first heard about Pure Fantasy  I was  very interested to see what this  story  had in store so when I got the chance to  read this book  early I was  read It as soon as I possibly could. I very much enjoyed Pure Fantasy.

In this book we mainly followed Lana and I found her so interesting, when we met her she is starting over somewhere new, making new friends  , starting a new  business  essentially carving it  out  a new life for  her self.  When we get into more backstory about her past you completely understand why she is the way  she is and why she wants to live her life  without a man  but this  begins to change when  she meets  Daniel. At first  Daniel comes off  really mysterious  and  let  me tell you  all when Lana   chooses the nick name Mr .Arrogant  for him she is not  far  off lol  but as things  begin to change between them and  they give into  the  mutual  attraction that is brewing between them we get to  see them fall in love, things were not  all  all rainbows for these  two, there were moments where I was worried If  they were going to get there happy ending with each other but all my worrying was in vain because no matter  how they fought or what difficulties they had they found there way back to each other  and that  was such a beautiful thing to see .Between the characters  , the sexy romance and  the  plot that kept me  turning the pages needing to know what would happen next M.Eror has combined this all to create this captivating story.

Pure Fantasy  was a sexy , fun , heartwarming story with a happily ever after ending that left me with a smile on my face . I am very interested to see what  M.Eror  will write next  if you love all these things in your stories I suggest you get a copy 

4/5 STARS 


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