ARC Book Review - Bound By J.S.Scott &Cali MacKay


From NY Times and USA Today bestselling authors J.S. Scott and Cali MacKay...a new dark, steamy romance about two people who never should have met... 


What are the chances of me getting kidnapped in a small town in the foothills of Colorado by a man who is the subject of an international manhunt? 

I'd say probably the same odds as winning the lottery...several times. Except I wasn't that lucky. 

I moved to this tiny town and opened a small diner to find some peace. I used to love staring at those beautiful, majestic, snow-capped mountain peaks. Now all that sight brings me is sorrow and heartache. 

Still, I'm here. 

I can't leave. 

I can't just run away like I wished I could. 

Then, on one cold, winter's evening, my entire world changes when a desperate man, one wanted for the rape and murder of a young woman in Seattle, drags me away from my diner and back to a dark place that I never wanted to go again. 

My kidnapper calls himself Phoenix. But I know who he really is. He's a cold-blooded murderer who would probably snuff out my life without one bit of remorse. 

As I remain his captive, dependent on his mercy, I have to pretend to trust him so I can try to make my escape. 

I'm defiant by nature; he wants me to submit. 

I hate the way my body reacts to him, craves him, but he considers that a victory. 

So one of us is going to lose this battle, and I'm not so certain the winner is going to be me...

J.S.Scott and  Cali Mackay are both phenomenal authors I have devoured so many books   by these two. So when I heard that they came together and wrote Bound I literally squealed. I counted down the hours until It was finally on my kindle and I read it Immediately and I loved it !

In this book we follow Phoenix and Anna .The first things I thought when I was reading this book was omg if these two end up  being together they are going to have one hell of a How I met your spouse story lol . Phoenix is on the run because he is  being  accused  of committing  a gruesome crimes and he just happens to end up in Anna's diner and she just happens realize who he is really quickly. He then end ups  kidnapping her  and this is really where the story takes off. The sexual chemistry between these two was just insane when you  read from  each of there  perspectives you could see that they were fighting there attraction to each other, until they couldn’t ,and you could  understand why they were, in this situation that they find them shelves in it is hard for them to trust each other .When you hear about the Phoenix's  backstory and what happens with Anna's parents it  really made me sympathize with them , they have both been through there  share of  horrible  experiences,it made me even more invested in these characters and made hope and wish  that they would both find the happiness they both deserve. I loved everything about this story the romance was steaming hot! ,the characters were intriguing and engaging , and the plot kept my eyes thoroughly glued to the page. Bound was such a wonderful story.

J.S.Scott and Cali Mackay have come together and created a sexy , thrilling , dark ,addictive story . I loved every minute of it and I cannot wait to see what is In store next In the Dark Horse Series. If you love all these things in your books I suggest you get a copy when It comes out  January 5, 2017.



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