ARC Book Review - Dirty Deeds By A J Nuest

An Eye for an Eye
As owner of Dirty Deeds, a tech-savvy company specializing in the age-old art of revenge, Eden Smith knows first-hand that secrecy is critical. But when a dead body washes up on the shores of Lake Michigan clutching her business card, Eden’s well-constructed world begins to fall apart. Apparently, she’s not the only one with a passion for payback, and staying alive to outsmart a killer has become her most important job of all. 

A Game for a Game
Hardened homicide detective Kelly Riordan is convinced Eden Smith is hiding more than she’s willing to admit. Years on the force have taught him that nothing is what it seems, and that couldn’t be truer than when it comes to investigating the alluring owner of a revenge-for-hire business. But revealing her past could put everything Eden has worked for in jeopardy. And trusting a man like Riordan goes against the very instincts that have kept her alive this long.


I am a huge fan of  AJ Nuest books so when I heard about  Dirty Deeds I got so excited ! I was lucky enough  to get an ARC of this book early so I dived into it as soon as I possibly could and I thoroughly enjoyed it . Dirty Deeds is another fantastic story by AJ Nuest.

In this book we follow  Kelly and Eden . At first these two are not  exactly warm and fuzzy towards each other. There  not very trusting of each of either and honestly that understandable seeing the situation and there individual pasts.In Eden line of work the police is definitely something you don't want to hang around . However due to the dead body that is found and danger that Eden is now in they have to work together. It was so entertaining seeing these two work together because of there personalities and how they react to each other. Seeing them become closer and give into the attraction  they had  towards  each other definitely created some smoking hot scenes  and It wasn't  just  the  sex  between  them that had me rooting for  them, it was also the way these two let  down there walls for each other . AJ Nuest always creates sexy ,swoony  romance in her books and that is exactly what she gave me in Dirty Deeds. 

This book definitely  kept me on my  toes, every page gave  another clue as we got closer and  closer to finding out what was going on and who was behind this, revenge and the things people are willing to do to get it  is really a big theme in this book , I just loved how everything the played out in this story everything  was connected in some way or form .Dirty Deeds was a sexy , swoon worthy , thrilling , mysterious  romantic suspense and I cannot wait to see what  AJ Nuest  has in store for the next  book in the Likely series . If you love all these things in your stories I suggest you get a copy when it comes out January 31,2017.

4.5 /5 STARS

  1. Whoo Hoo!!!! Thank you so much, JoDeen!!! I am thrilled you enjoyed the book!!! xoxo


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