Book Review - The Ultimate Treasure By Melody Anne

Alexa Mills gets the trip of a lifetime when she’s chosen to go on a humanitarian trip to the Philippines to help rebuild one of the villages that were devastated years ago by natural disasters. She’s more than excited until she steps on the jet and discovers her benefactor is none other than Lance Storm, the man she’d had a one-night-stand with at her sister’s wedding to Ashton Storm.

They are together in a foreign country for a month and she can’t fight her attraction to him though she knows marriage can end devastatingly badly. After all, the only example she’s ever had is the abusive father who raised her and the weak mother who allowed it.

When they return home and Lance asks her to pretend to be his girlfriend for the holidays so his family will lay off trying to get him married, she can’t resist the temptation. She doesn’t want to spend another holiday alone.

But will Lexie forget that it’s all pretend as she is welcomed with open arms into the Anderson and Storm clan? Or will she manage to hold onto her convictions and walk away when the fantasy of being a part of a family and falling in love with a man is supposed to be over?

I am  huge fan of Melody Anne and one of the very first books I read by her was The Billionaire Wins the Game which was the very first book about The Anderson family ,so when I was  able to get my hands on  The Ultimate Treasure early I was thrilled and I dived into this book as soon as I possibly could and I loved it.
In this book we follow Lance and Lexie . I absolutely loved these  two ,watching  there relationship  play out over the course of this book was wonderful. The more I got  to know these two is more it became clearer and clearer how perfect  they were for each other .Melody Anne writes absolutely swoon worthy romance between Lance and Lexie, it  was sexy , sweet and fun. I enjoyed every minute of  Lance and Lexie 's story. This is a very  bittersweet book for me because I love The Anderson Family and I am so sad that this is the final book about them  , but I felt like this book not only focused on Lance and Lexie but  also gave me the closer I needed, just knowing that everyone was happy and that  Joseph ,George and Richard ( honestly  I feel like they should open up a match making  company lol ) will still be meddling lol  just made me so happy . I felt that The Ultimate Treasure was wonderful and If I have to say bye to the Anderson Family this was the perfect way to do so .
The Ultimate Treasure was a sexy , fun , romantic , heartwarming story . With a swoon worthy romance , a  cast of characters you will fall in love with ,a plot that will  keep you wrapped up in this story and if that wasn't enough awesome its  set in the holiday season . I cannot wait to see what  Melody Anne writes next I know its going to be fantastic. If you love all these thing in your books I suggest you get  a copy .


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