Book Review - Tangled Up In Blue Box Set By J.D Brick

Get tangled up in a boy named Blue...
My military career is over. Blue the hero, if he ever really existed, died in a blown-apart MRAP in Afghanistan. Blue the carefree college boy, the mellow music man, is all I want to be now. He's all I can
be. Blue the coward is all I have left.
I just need to keep my mouth shut, my heart frozen, my secrets buried. All I have to do is wrestle my inner demons to the ground and never let them up.

Things get a lot more complicated, though, when Keegan shows up in my life. She thinks I'm her knight in shining armor. She thinks I'm a hero. She's dead wrong. But I can't tell her that.

Something about her sets my soul on fire. Something about her reminds me of the person I used to be. Something about her makes me willing to do anything to keep her safe.

Loving Keegan might be the one thing I've done right in my life. Loving her cannot possibly be wrong. Even if truly loving her means walking away from her for good. But I'm not sure I have the guts to do it...

Secrets have a way of exploding into the light. Sometimes it's hard to know who's a hero, and who'll turn out to be a heartbreaker. Is Blue the love of Keegan's life? Or will he become an agonizing mistake? 

Searing and sexy, the Tangled Up in Blue Box Set contains the first two books in the Ikana College series by author JD Brick. The story plays out in a small college town, over the wind-swept prairie of an Oklahoma ranch and on a blood-soaked battlefield in Afghanistan.
When I first read the synopsis of this story I immediately wanted to know more ,so the  minute I got the chance to dive into this story  I did  and I loved it . I could not  put down this book! the Tangled Up In Blue box set is not short read , however this  story was  just downright addictive and I finished this book within a day, this story was  amazing.
In this book we follow  Keegan and Blue and I just loved these two together. They  definitely meet under interesting circumstances and come  off as complete opposite, but as you get deeper into the story you see that they are just absolutely perfect for each other. I felt like they helped bring out the best in each other and became safe places for each other. The romance in this book was sexy ,  fun , heartwarming and swoon worthy. This book definitely kept me on my toes , with everything happening with Keegan being terrorized by an anonymous person and Blue's secrets I was  completely wrapped up in this story. I think this book made me feel every emotion I could possibly think of. Keegan and Blue's story was one that was filled with  love , happiness , sorrow , anger , deceit and passion and I loved every single moment of  It .
The Tangled Up In Blue Box set was an amazing read .Keegan and Blue's story was absolutely  perfect and I am just eager to get my hands on J.D Bricks next book .If you love all these things in your books I suggest you get a copy.



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